BlackBerry EXPLAINS The Redesign for The AT&T Passport

CES 2015 brought many big announcement for both QNX and BlackBerry. More partnerships, road maps, BBM numbers and so on.

BlackBerry also announced the release of the Classic and a newly redesigned Passport for AT&T which will be available soon at $419.99 and $649.99 off contract respectively.

The new design for the Passport sports rounded corners and a larger chin under the keyboard.  Some “tech bloggers” have taken to the internet claiming its “inexplicable” why BlackBerry would do this (although their article actually explains it fully).

To save you the hassle of having to click on such click bait headlines, here is the explanation in one simple quote from John Chen reported on CrackBerry.

“AT&T wanted rounded corners. Some of us are more square. No other reason than that.”

There you have it Dieter, this “inexplicable” mystery has been solved.  Its okay, soon you will be on The Verge of making sense.


  • Blackjack


    You mean there’s not some sinister strategy behind this genius thinking of applying a radius tot the corners?

    You mean the negotiation’s were actually like….
    “great phone can’t find a thing wrong with it. Could you make it look more like an iPhone so we can sell it?” We will just sit here and wait. And wait. And make our customers wait. And wait.

    If this is all they could find “wrong” with the device they must be really digging.
    Thanks for making us all wait AT&T, and please stop with the “coming soon” B.S.

    So now I have to for sure switch to Verizon to get a phone that actually is trying to set a new paradigm. I want something that makes people ask WHY DOES IT HAVE SQUARE EDGES and watch them torment themselves over it.

    • bartron

      It’s not a question of square corners being “wrong”. I’m certain AT&T simply wanted a Passport that was different, in the hopes that the unique design would entice some users to switch to, or stay with, AT&T.

  • Chaplain_Clancy

    Now everyone gets to say to AT&T customers ‘Dude! What happened to your Passport? Is that covered by warranty?’

  • bambinoitaliano

    Im glad I got the square design :). The round corner just very old fashion looking. Im glad the original design is not dictate by AT&T. I don’t believe carriers have any qualification when it comes to aesthetic compare to the design and engineering departments of a phone maker like BlackBerry. Now we know why the delay. Good luck with the accessories makers trying to create two different cases for Passport.

  • Anthony

    It’s an AT&T Passport. locco_smiley_8


    This is a clear cut case of a large retailer telling BlackBerry how high to jump. Does anyone here really think that Apple would have so willingly altered the basic look of the i-phone 6 at the behest of AT+T? Really? I think that when the laughter stopped on their end of the i-os 8 connection, AT+T would have been told to go F themselves.

    While I understand that BlackBerry is not in the driver’s seat in this situation and that they are desperate to have the PassPort distributed by someone, anyone, in the U.S. of A. it is still galling to have to have our favourite company made to perform like a trained monkey like this.

    So, BlackBerry, I hate that you allowed yourself to be forced to change, and change not for the better, my favourite phone, but I understand why you did it, so you are grudgingly forgiven.

  • Bobert_123

    Meh. It’s nice but so unnecessary. They had to have wasted a lot of valuable resources designing and producing the new device. Should have just saved this design for the passport 2 imo

  • bambinoitaliano

    Look at the sales of Passport on It’s January now. Had the Passport launch the same day as Canada and UK in the US, the units sold would have been in the mid to high 6 figures with AT&T alone. Talk about miss opportunity. Of all the stupid decision a company like AT&T made…..smh.

  • Blackjack

    This little frivolous decision cost blackberry and customers a lot of money. Not talking about it kept a lot of businesses from making purchasing decisions. Admittedly I like it but hardly worth the cost and wait.

  • web99

    It’s really awful that a carrier like AT&T, which should really be in the business of just selling phones to its customers, now have the power to dictate its design. While I understand why BlackBerry did it, it’s a very dangerous trend and a slippery slope for BlackBerry. I am hoping that Verizon also will carry the Passport at some time as well, as it would be a shame for their customers to miss out on such an awesome phone.

  • Alan

    Sad to think that BlackBerry would be made to stoop to this. After all who is the creator of this amazing phone?! BlackBerry. One can only hope AT&T (now that the Passport will be “finally” available) sells tons, and tons of Passports. After all the Passport is such an amazing innovation.

  • Trev

    I’ll take the red Passport any day over the dulled corner design. It’s not that the At&T version looks bad, per se, just a preference.

    Overall I’m just glad AT&T is finally mentioning the Passport (unfortunately after all of the hype) and hopefully it sells really well.

    I can’t help but be slightly concerned that those who were on AT&T (or any U.S. GSM network for that matter) that wanted a Passport could have just bought one from BlackBerry, albeit at full price.