Blackberry Experience Events kicking off

  While we’ve already known for a few months that Blackberry Live was going to be cancelled this year and replaced with multiple smaller events around the world, we didn’t know they would be starting so soon!  Looks like Round 1 will be in New York City Thursday, April 10th.  Attendees should be expecting:

1. Discover how BlackBerry is returning to its roots and refocusing on enterprise mobility.

2. Learn about BlackBerry’s secure end-to-end enterprise solutions.

3. Get an insider’s view of the roadmap to BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 (BES12).

4. See how Blackberry have made it simpler and more cost effective than ever to choose BlackBerry for secure multi-platform Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).

5. Learn how Blackberry make it easy for you to develop cross-platform applications that will help transform your business processes.

Overall, nothing too flashy but we’re sure it’ll be an interesting event for the business crowd.  If you’re in New York City tomorrow and BES is your jam, why not stop by?  You can find more info and details in the press release here: Introducing ‘BlackBerry Experience’ events