BlackBerry Evolve coming to Kenya according to a tweet by Blackberry

A BlackBerry Twitter account in Kenya has hinted that the new Optiemus device will reach the African country.

Will Kenya, the African country, launch the BlackBerry Evolve soon? Very likely. The official Twitter account of BlackBerry Kenya has been tweeting about two new devices coming very soon and may have revealed dates that we have not yet received from Indian Optiemus and BlackBerry Mobile.

The BlackBerry Evolve, which was recently launched in India and its sale has not yet begun, will be available in Kenya on October 9th, and Evolve X will show up in less than a month after the sale in India will begin and perhaps open to more countries to sell these devices.

Another device that received a tweet was the KEY2 LE, the little brother of KEY2. According to the availability of the device as of September 19. Does this mean that in Europe and the US the sale will begin during those days?

It’s interesting to see that a BlackBerry Twitter account in Kenya is the one that reveals these details.

Roy Shpitalnik

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