BlackBerry Eat World, Apple Eat Dust?

So I’m streaming music tonight, and the Jimmy Eat World song “The Middle” comes on.

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I’m streaming using my BB Z30. This time with the Slacker app from the Amazon app store. And I’m using Bluetooth audio connected to a cool little Toshiba BT wireless speaker. Yup, .apk music apps have great access to Bluetooth.

Anyway, I felt like checking my carrier (Telus) mobility website for access and pricing on BlackBerry devices because of the revelation that Rogers had here in Canada.

And, what do I see?

I see people getting ripped off. That’s what I see. If you buy an Apple product, you might want to, no you SHOULD look at BlackBerry!

Look at this!



Look at the prices! Are you nuts?

First of all, $450.00 for an ancient iPhone 4s with a paltry 8gb? Zero dollars down, but really? It should be a giveaway! Scratch that, it needs crushing.

Then there’s the 16gb iPhone 5c. A plastic version of last years iPhone 5 for $130.00. This is bad, it’s yesterday’s news, and a suspect purchase at best.

My favorite is the 64gb iPhone 5s for $440.00 on a 2 year contract. Are you kidding me? What a rip off! For a phone that can’t do what a BB Z30 can do! Thanks to Veeru for kicking it up to 31!

Now look at the BlackBerry pricing…


The “App Gap” is over people. Look at it!

A Z30 for 50 bucks on the SAME 2 year plan, plus throw in another 50 bucks for a 64gb SD card and you have a 80gb phone with none of the restrictions Apple puts on it’s users!

That’s a savings of $340.00 over a 64gb iPhone 5s!

A phone that is riddled with security issues.

The oldest mobile OS on the planet.

Fraught with messaging problems.

A BB10 device is a much more logical choice for consumers, business, and industry.

It’s safer, smoother, and more affordable.

Get one.


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