BlackBerry DTEK60 and VPN: Maintain your privacy! A How-To-Guide

This post is a little technical. This is for those who want VPN for BlackBerry Android.

First, you’d need a VPN service provider. My idea for using one is to use encrypted traffic through my ISP and circumvent blocks they put in. Further, I’d like to avoid location tracking done by the websites. BlackBerry 10 had a major limitation- it didn’t support OpenVPN. However, you can use it on BlackBerry Android (Priv/DTEK50,60). This guide is common to all BlackBerry Android devices.

Second. How to choose a VPN service provider. This is a tricky question to answer. Your use case scenario may differ. Some want anonymity. Some want to bypass “censorship” etc. There are tons of recommendations online but I preferred to pay for iVPN.

Why iVPN? For one simple reason. Their absolutely stellar customer support. I had some queries initially which were sorted out immediately (based on time zone differences). Apart from that, I have never, ever suffered a downtime. Plus, it’s really fast! A bonus: They don’t throttle torrents as well. A sheer delight for the money spent upfront. Unlike other service providers. they don’t have any dodgy affiliate programs. A huge plus. (A very notable mention of AirVPN as well. I was with them for over 2 years and they also offer great service; but iVPN, I found, is better!) (I can use up to 3 devices simultaneously).

Having said that, lets go through the step by step guide. I am assuming you have taken their service (pricing details here).

Follow the details of the guide here. I am recommending only OpenVPN (this is because this is open source).


Just use the “openvpn config files” and you can add the details accordingly.

Choose the VPN which is closest to you!

Once you are connected to iVPN this log shows up on OpenVPN:

Stay safe and stay secure!!



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  • This is interesting. I don’t know a thing about VPN but am intrigued. I’ll have to look into it.

    • Bram Jansen

      Hey, if you want to know more about VPNs I suggest you check for more information about how it works and how can it protect you from online threats. I hope this helps.