BlackBerry DTEK – The True (Whats)App Horror Begins To Be Revealed

BlackBerry DTEK – The True (Whats)App Horror Begins To Be Revealed

For a considerable period, UTB has been diligently cautioning about the activities of certain apps. The unveiling of DTEK on the BlackBerry Priv has now brought to light the truly alarming nature of these apps. Thanks to the courageous UTB Priv Pioneer Ray, we are now beginning to witness the full extent of this horror. BlackBerry DTEK – The True (Whats)App Horror Begins To Be Revealed

BlackBerry DTEK – The True (Whats)App Horror Begins To Be Revealed: Exposing App Privacy Invasion

Here at UTB we’ve been warning about what certain apps are up to for quite a while. Now, with the launch of DTEK on the BlackBerry Priv we’re starting to see just how bad it really is, courtesy of UTB Priv Pioneer Ray (he’s a brave soul!).

You may remember (if you don’t then read more!!) that in our BlackBerry Priv launch article we quoted Bla1ze over at CrackBerry commenting on the DTEK app. For those that haven’t seen that, here’s what he said:

‘Facebook has tapped into my location 455 times in the last seven days but there’s no way I have even opened the app 455 times in that timeframe’

Seriously, it turns out that was nothing. This is what has happened to UTB Ray in the first 60 HOURS or 2 and a half days:

As Ray has provided in the screenshot above, Whatsapp has raided, sorry, accessed his contacts app 29425 times.

Ok, what about Facebook?

Oh, Facebook has only accessed Ray’s location 561 times in 60 hours. Hmm… Snapchat?

Well, that has wanted to know where Ray is a mere 2294 times in the last 2 and a half days (and had a couple of swipes of his contacts just for fun). Well, Twitter won’t have been quite so invasive, no?

Oh dear. Twitter has been all over Ray’s whereabouts 621 times in 60 hours.

Last one. Instagram!

NOTHING. Nothing at all. Instagram has left Ray alone.

Which, of course, begs the question, why on earth do the others need to at all?

Oh, and here’s one other little question, what will all the Androidians think when DTEK is released to them all? Would you be happy using these apps when it’s slapped in front of your face what they are actually doing? Or would you simply shrug your shoulders and say it’s all ok?

And when the uproar starts, how will Whatsapp/Facebook/Snapchat etc react? Will they say ‘you agreed to the Terms and Conditions’ and thereby sign their own death knell?

Personally I’m all in on BBM! With a little Instagram on the side…

BlackBerry DTEK – The True (Whats)App Horror Begins To Be Revealed


In light of the intensifying discourse on app privacy, it becomes crucial for individuals to reevaluate their choices. Personally, I find comfort in relying on BBM while occasionally enjoying Instagram. BlackBerry DTEK – The True (Whats)App Horror Begins To Be Revealed – It is time for users to make informed decisions about their privacy and security as the true horror of apps like (Whats)App gradually comes to light. Delve into the captivating discourse bestowed upon you by the illustrious UTB Blogs, where ideas transcend boundaries and knowledge knows no limits. To satiate your craving for further enlightenment, simply beckon, and we shall grace you with a wealth of information.

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