BlackBerry Drops Patent Infringement Suit Against Nokia

Back in February of 2017 BlackBerry filed a patent infringement suit against Nokia. The patents in question have to do with patents BlackBerry acquired after the downfall of Nortel, and had to do with 3GPP networking. Nokia had utilized this patented technology in a number of their devices, and had even cited some of these previous patents in their own patent applications.

The two companies have now come to an agreement and the lawsuit has been dropped. However, the nature of the agreement is still a mystery as neither side has made any public comment since the case was dropped.

BlackBerry’s goal was for Nokia to be compensated for Nokia’s unauthorized use of these patents owned by BlackBerry. Is Nokia now licensing this technology or did BlackBerry simply walk away from the lawsuit? Given BlackBerry’s current strategy of protecting their patents as seen with other major lawsuits filed against Facebook and Snap, we can assume some sort of deal was made between the companies.

Source: Phone Arena


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