BlackBerry Doubles Market Share In US – Apple Down 25%


And BGR gets it wrong.


I actually think the boy in the hat looks a bit like our resident iDiot but anyway…

So, the June Kantar figures are out (this is an organisation who measure Mobile OS share across various countries across the globe) and they make pretty good reading for BlackBerry.

And not for Apple.

So, in true BGR style the best thing for them to do is to attack, er… BlackBerry! Let’s look at what went on here. In a slavish attempt to keep the boss happy Brad Reed said this:

BlackBerry’s global market share is so low that Kantar won’t even report it

Earlier this year, Kantar found that BlackBerry’s market share had fallen to 0.4% in the United States, to 1.5% in the five biggest European markets and down to 2.8% in the three biggest Latin American markets of Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. In its latest press release, Kantar doesn’t list BlackBerry in the tables alongside iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Instead, it’s part of the dreaded “other” category that is shrinking rapidly while the three major platforms either hold steady or surge ahead.

The question for BlackBerry is whether it can make enough money on the handsets it does sell to make them worth keeping around. The hope is that by focussing on potentially lucrative customers such as government employees and people who work in highly regulated industries that require top-of-the-line security, it can carve out a profitable niche for itself. It had better hope that this plan works, because there doesn’t seem to be any hope for BlackBerry recovering in the consumer market.

Which is fascinating as if you actually READ the press release from Kantar there is no mention of an ‘Other’ category. None at all. Ok, they don’t particularly mention BlackBerry but they don’t ‘lump them’ anywhere.

Indeed, if you go onto the Kantar website (which I would heartily recommend btw) you’ll see BlackBerry listed loud and proud. And you’ll also see something else.

Firstly, here’s the graphic on the site for June 2013 for the US market share:

Kantar US 2013

And here’s the one from June 2014:

Kantar US 2014

Wow! That’s weird!

It would seem that if you compare the same month with 12 months previously BlackBerry’s market share in the US has near enough doubled! From 1.1% to 2%! And over the same period iOS has dropped by a quarter from 42.5% to 32.5%!

So, BlackBerry, with no marketing, battling sales reps who actively try to put people off and the availability of hens teeth as many stores don’t even stock the phones so you have to REALLY TRY HARD TO BUY ONE actually increased their US market share.

Whereas Apple, the darlings of the media, with all that marketing, all the carriers having their products front and centre and all those Apple stores…


And not by a small amount either.

No wonder they didn’t want to talk about it.

Indeed, since Brad likes to bring up other countries, let’s look at how Apple are getting on OUTSIDE the US, shall we? By the way they don’t report on Canada but then I suspect BGR wouldn’t want them to. The rest are bad enough…

Kantar Germany 2014

Germany 10.6% share…

Kantar Spain 2014

Spain 6.8%…

Kantar Brazil 2014

And Brazil, one of the fastest growing economies on the planet – 3.9%.

In fact, if you look at the countries Kantar covers the ONLY ones that Apple have ANY significant market share in are Japan (51.7%, impressive!), the US (dropping fast) Australia (25.5% down 3% on last year) and the UK (28.5% down 3% on last year).

Meanwhile, just to cover off the ones I haven’t mentioned so far, iOS share is pitiful in France (14.7% – down 5% in ONE MONTH!), Italy (12.3%), China (12.8%), Mexico (7.2%) and, since he mentioned it, whilst 8.5% of Argentinians still rely on BlackBerry only 0.6% of them can be bothered to pick up an iPhone.

Bit weird for the MARKET LEADER.

Truth is, whilst BlackBerry have been busy limbering up for the fight ahead, Apple have lost ground pretty much everywhere whilst Google in conjunction with their chums have got the vacuum out assimilating the population.

And, since the majority of the tech blogs in English are based in the West you could be forgiven if you thought Apple were some sort of player on the world mobile stage.

They’re not.

In fact, their grip is very shaky indeed. If they lost any more of the US market they would be in BIG trouble, there’s not much left!

Meanwhile, you MIGHT say that BlackBerry’s market share figures are tiny.

And you’d be right.

But with a resurgent BlackBerry, lean, trim and cut to size, focused on the future, not paying for the past and with a laser sharp focus on the goals ahead it is fair to say that a stagnant Apple and bloated Android are ripe for the picking.

They’re going nowhere fast other than down as they’re not actually DOING anything. Android L is as boring as iOS8. Plus, just like Kit Kat (only 18% of Android phones actually ever got that) even if you wanted it you’ll probably never get it without buying a new one.

And both are already slightly behind 10.2.1.

Before they even launch there’s 10.3 which will catapult BlackBerry 10 way out in front.

So, watch with interest to see what happens from September as the Gathering Storm finally reaches Western shores.

Can’t wait.

And, when you look at it all in the round…

No wonder Geller and co are scared.

If you want to keep abreast of shifts in the various platforms market share across the globe bookmark Kanter here and remember you, like I have done, can simply press Add To Home Screen if viewing in the BlackBerry 10 browser and it will appear as a handy app!

I promise you it will be worth it in the coming months…


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