Blackberry Donuts Anyone?

Blackberry seems to have gained some recognition with a couple of big Canadian names, the Toronto Maple Leafs and Tim Hortons . This is very exciting, this doesnt happen to just any company. But this could not be permitted for the enjoyment of Joe Public. No. The Troll media had to jump on it and tear it to bits, like stomping somebodys sandcastle at the beach. Engadget being the worst of these idiots for the moment,  only for the moment though. These guys are like children in a schoolyard, picking on some poor kid not even knowing why to begin with. What are you going to do? Stomp the sandcastle? Or enjoy the donut?


**Editor Brad here, yes, both this and the previous post are on the same subject, and share the same thoughts on the subject, but the fact that two of our friends feel strongly enough about this to write posts for our blog… well, I got to read them and thought you should too. :)


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