Blackberry Developer Tools Roadmaps updated (all roadmaps!)

UntitledThe Blackberry Developer team just released their new Android Developer Tools roadmap.  Looks like we’re in for another Runtime update as well as some improved share framework and Bluetooth LE/ NFC capabilities.  It says it will be updated to android 4.3.  We can only speculate.  Interesting other tidbit is the “Accounts” which, when clicked says “Android applications that require access to an Android account will now be supported with BlackBerry 10 account integration.”

It has also added updated Webworks and Native roadmaps as well:



-Support for an implementation of the OpenMAX standard. The API will provide access to a variety of speech codecs.

-APIs to access high quality, full duplex audio devices and codecs on the platform.

-Implement the user interface using the resolution independent “Design Unit” (DU) instead of pixels. A DU will have roughly the same physical size across different devices – as the pixel density of different screens varies, a DU will correspond to a different number of pixels on different devices. Using design units makes it easier to create consistent UIs across different form factors, resolutions and pixel densities, and prevents duplication of assets.

– To make it easier to develop for various form factors, we are introducing new asset selectors. These selectors are based on screen size and pixel density, and are called “layout buckets” and “resolution buckets”. A layout bucket is used for the UI implementation, and allows for different implementations for different screen sizes. The resolution bucket allows you to provide image assets optimized for different pixel densities.

-Grid layout allows you to arrange child controls in a tabular structure of rows and columns, somewhat similar to an HTML table.

-To allow for easier differentiation and stronger branding of applications, it will be possible to define colors to be applied to Cascades applications and their controls.

-The Cascades ListView can be configured to allow the user to rearrange items using drag-n-drop. Many applications already have their own rearrange implementation, but by using the built-in rearrange functionality, the application will get a behavior that is consistent with the BlackBerry 10 experience.

-Native 64-bit support for Windows, OSX and Linux.

-Enables pretty printers by default as opposed to hiding them within preferences.

-Provide templates in Momentics for card creation.


Also notice how it’s all supposed to land by May?  Could mean we’re in store for a 10.3 OS release near the middle to end of summer!


source: Blackberry Tool Roadmaps updated

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    Apart from the Android runtime updates for NFC and Bluetooth LE, which should add to the list of incoming ports, I am interested in the 64-bit support.