BlackBerry Core (native) Functionality – It can do WHAT?!?

I currently work as a graphic designer for a non-profit in my hometown. Yes, even though I work for a non-profit, I do get paid. However, because I work for a non-profit, it means I do much more than graphic design. It means that I often juggle the hats of: graphic design (printed material, billboards, mailings, newsletters, etc.), web design, photography, videography and last but not least, social media.

My blackberry Q10 is an essential tool to get me through my work day – whether it is taking quick little videos, or using the built-in time-shift functionality on the camera to catch a squirmy kitten when it is actually…you know…looking at the camera. One of my favorite things about my BlackBerry Q10 is that there is so much functionality in the native apps, I rarely need multiple 3rd party non-native apps to achieve something. For example, this is a video that I made for the organization I work for:

I shot the video (in HD) using my native camera on my Q10. Still within the video camera, I edited the lighting (just like you would normally do for pictures – but for video!), and added some slow-mo to the video. All from the Q10 – within the video camera (the native camera) app itself.

Let me say that again – everything in the video above – was handled from my phone – here’s a screenshot – running everything at once:

q10 screenshot

What you’re seeing above is 5 different “apps” that are all “core” or “native” apps if you will – running at the same time. I was able to hop back and forth between all of them with no problem. After shooting and editing the video, I used the native browser to search, listen, then finally download the background music. Following that, I opened up Story Maker, selected my video and my background music. I entered in a title, credit info, saved the video, posted it to Facebook via the share button, shared it to Box so I could have an online backup, then finally shared it to both my work pc and my home laptop via the remote connection file share ability (still using the standard “share” button). Oh yeah, everything that was a part of the video: the video itself, the music and the finalized “Story Maker” video is saved locally to my micro-sd card – so I don’t have to worry about running my Q10 out of the built in memory.

The key is that all of these are native apps from my phone. Video Camera. File Share. Browser. Story Maker. I didn’t have to download a video camera app that would do slow-mo. I didn’t have to install a video editing app to change the lighting or crop the video. I didn’t have to find an app that would download a music clip. Everything was handled natively. No lagging, no stuttering. Simply productivity. I’d like to see an android or iphone do that as seamlessly as my BlackBerry. Let me save you all the trouble…you won’t find a samsung, lg, iphone, nokia or windows phone that will let you do everything I did above without downloading additional apps.

Form. Functionality. Portability. BlackBerry. BOOM. Mic drop.

How does your BlackBerry help you get things done? Comment away, spread the word, and sell like hell.

PS – Story Maker is a really under-rated native app – I’ve used it a few different times – each time I’ve shown a video with it, the reaction is “wow that is an app that is native to your phone?!” Why yes. Yes it is.


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