Blackberry Continues to be Secure in Pakistan

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Blackberry will continue its secure BES service in Pakistan.

On December 28th, Canuckvoip reported that Pakistan Relents To BES Remaining In Service

With the blog below confirming what we know as the most secure OS on the planet, we will continue to support Blackberry and its endeavour to gain back full support from past customers and new ones to come.

Marty Beard, COO of Blackberry states the following:

After productive discussions, the Government of Pakistan has rescinded its shutdown order, and BlackBerry has decided to remain in the Pakistan market.

We are grateful to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and the Pakistani government for accepting BlackBerry’s position that we cannot provide the content of our customers’ BES traffic, nor will we provide access to our BES servers.

We look forward to serving the Pakistani market for years to come, including introducing new products and services, and thank our valued customers in Pakistan for their patience and loyalty.

View the full post here.

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