BlackBerry Closes the Oreo for KEYone Beta Program

The update has arrived for almost all BlackBerry KEYone handsets.

A few months ago BlackBerry began beta program for KEYone devices and users for the move to Oreo. Since the update, almost all the KEYone devices have been updated, so there is no reason for the beta program to continue.

Users who are in beta will be migrated to regular versions in the next two months as well as BlackBerry explains how to remove the tokens from the device.

Software Updates

With the October or November releases for KEYone, you will receive an update back to the public, production stream of updates. This update will be delivered by our partner through the Updates app (not the beta process), so watch for it there.

Diagnostics Token

If you acquired the debug token on your phone for submitting bug reports, you’re welcome to keep it active and continue to submit bug reports from any software update. We’ll continue to monitor the queue for reports. (This is especially useful if you also participate in the Apps beta program!) If you would like to disable diagnostics, please open Settings > System > Developer options > Log collection > Diagnostics settings > General settings, and set Capture to OFF. This will disable all background diagnostic activity enabled by the beta-token.

Either way, the debug token will expire automatically on December 31st of this year, at which time the diagnostics functions will turn off by themselves.

Bug Reports & Suggestions

Our team is taking another pass through the submitted bug reports and suggestions to make sure we have properly captured everything internally. Thanks again for your submissions.

Future Support

If you have a problem with your KEYone that is impacting your use, please do reach out to the support line for KEYone for help.

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