BlackBerry Classic Sales Triple At South African Carrier


As we have explored before, BlackBerry are still immensely popular with the good people of South Africa where, as we reported as recently as the end of May, the BlackBerry Z3 was the best selling smartphone in the country.

Now it would seem the Classic is gaining traction too. Vodacom, a leading South African carrier, are reporting, ian a thinly veiled push on Android devices (they’re much more popular everywhere else! Why aren’t you buying them too!) that:

Although BlackBerry is still very popular in South Africa, the numbers are small internationally. That said, the BlackBerry Classic has done very well – shipping triple the amount this quarter compared to the last quarter of 2014 when it launched.



Oh and apparently…

At Vodacom Android is still on top. Android devices on the Vodacom network have almost doubled since September 2014 and now make up over 60% of the devices on the network. BlackBerry is in second place, iOS comes in third followed by Windows.

What’s that you say Mr Hater?

BlackBerry are out of the handset market because no one wants a BlackBerry?


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  • KING_Kia


  • bartron

    Woo Hoo ! All the iFanboys can chew on that.

  • Anthony

    The South African presence in BBM Channels is noticeable.

    BBM Channels needs UI improvements:
    – Feeds needs more features for managing posts
    – viewing half a picture on my Passport can be annoying, why are pictures still not adjusted for screen height
    – where is full-screen viewing when I scroll the Feeds list locco_smiley_31

  • zaberry

    Great to see us South Africans still love our Blackberries. I’m seeing more Z3, and Leaps, however it’s my belief that the Classic was built for the South Africans who refused to give up their Bolds until they literally stopped working. I wonder what the stats are for the other carrier like Cell C who promotes BlackBerry well as is the only carrier to offer a BB10 package of 2gigs and unlimited corporate data if you on BES10 /12. MTN is the worst with no promotions and expensive costs. Think they sold out to the Samsung cause of dealer incentives, trips oversees, I know a store owner that constantly tries to sell Sam… because of this. Irritates the me, hope to see some more Classics in the wild.

  • Schmurf

    It’s nice to see Blackberry rebounding.