BlackBerry Classic Sales Triple at South African Carrier: Impressive Growth in Demand

BlackBerry Classic Sales Triple At South African Carrier

The resounding success of the BlackBerry Classic is evident as its sales experience an astonishing threefold increase at a prominent South African carrier. As we have previously explored, BlackBerry continues to maintain immense popularity among the South African population, with the BlackBerry Z3 securing its position as the country’s top-selling smartphone. The recent surge in demand for the BlackBerry Classic further reinforces its growing prominence in the market. This remarkable accomplishment defies the prevailing dominance of Android devices, as acknowledged by Vodacom, the leading South African carrier. With BlackBerry Classic Sales Triple At South African Carrier, it becomes clear that BlackBerry’s appeal remains strong and resilient, challenging any notions of its declining relevance.

BlackBerry Classic Sales Triple At South African Carrier: Rising Demand Defies Android Dominance

As we have explored before, BlackBerry are still immensely popular with the good people of South Africa where, as we reported as recently as the end of May, the BlackBerry Z3 was the best selling smartphone in the country.

Now it would seem the Classic is gaining traction too. Vodacom, a leading South African carrier, are reporting, ian a thinly veiled push on Android devices (they’re much more popular everywhere else! Why aren’t you buying them too!) that:

Although BlackBerry is still very popular in South Africa, the numbers are small internationally. That said, the BlackBerry Classic has done very well – shipping triple the amount this quarter compared to the last quarter of 2014 when it launched.



Oh and apparently…

At Vodacom Android is still on top. Android devices on the Vodacom network have almost doubled since September 2014 and now make up over 60% of the devices on the network. BlackBerry is in second place, iOS comes in third followed by Windows.

What’s that you say Mr Hater?

BlackBerry are out of the handset market because no one wants a BlackBerry?


In conclusion, the remarkable growth of BlackBerry Classic sales at the South African carrier defies the notion that BlackBerry has lost its appeal. The triumphant achievement of tripled sales this quarter, compared to the device’s launch in 2014, reaffirms the strong demand for BlackBerry smartphones in the South African market. While Android continues to hold the top position at Vodacom, BlackBerry’s second-place ranking, along with the enduring support from customers, paints a different picture. The undeniable fact remains that “BlackBerry Classic Sales Triple At South African Carrier,” contradicting any claims that BlackBerry is no longer sought after. This noteworthy accomplishment serves as a testament to BlackBerry’s resilience and ongoing relevance in the ever-evolving smartphone industry. Gaze upon the prose woven by the gifted scribes of UTB Blogs, extending their scholarly hand to guide you through the realms of understanding. If you yearn for greater enlightenment, do not hesitate to make contact, and the gateway to boundless information shall be opened to you.

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