BlackBerry CEO: “Our products will never have a backdoor”

BlackBerry CEO John Chen decided it was time to write on the official BlackBerry blog in direct continuation of the purchase last week.

John Chen, the BlackBerry CEO, today published a short column on the official BlackBerry blog about BlackBerry’s stance on backdoor and working with law enforcement. He has talked about it many times before, but it’s always good that he refreshes our memory, especially in such a changing environment.

In his column, Chen points out that BlackBerry products will never have back doors or allow access to countries or anything that will harm the privacy and security of their customers, which, as everyone knows, are the largest and strongest organizations in the world. Chen points out that those organizations (like all BlackBerry customers) rely on BlackBerry on this issue and therefore there is no chance that this agreement will be violated.

Another issue raised by the BlackBerry CEO concerns the issue of working with law enforcement agencies when he notes, not for the first time, that BlackBerry will always cooperate with legal authorities lawful access requests to help prevent crimes or assist in investigations. Chen also notes that in his opinion companies can not put themselves above the law and the common good of the people.

Read the full blog post.

Roy Shpitalnik

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