BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s Interview on BNN


BlackBerry CEO John Chen was recently interviewed by Amber Kanwar of Business News Network (BNN) on its latest earnings report for Q4 2015. In this interview, he spoke about several topics including:

  • BlackBerry’s software and services division and increase of 24% in revenue over the previous quarter
  • BlackBerry’s turnaround plan and its diversification strategy
  • BlackBerry’s plan to double their software and services division revenue from $235 million to $500 million in 2016 financial year
  • BlackBerry’s monetization plan for BBM and plans for it to contribute $100 million to its revenue stream
  • BlackBerry’s device business
  • Negative sentiment from financial analysts in the days leading up to BlackBerry’s Q4 earnings report

Source: BNN

The interview is approximately 9 minutes and was very informative. One of the quotes that I liked from was when CEO Chen referred to the “non-believers” that have a negative opinion on BlackBerry’s future prospects. He confirmed that the does not lose sleep over what they are saying.

“They don’t believe, its their problem not mine. So I just have a job to do”

This interview is definitely worth watching

Enjoy folks!


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    Chen is quite right. In today’s world, only ‘bad news’ is news. That is why the supposed experts will only publish what they hope to see; a train wreck. When they finally get the message that BlackBerry is not going away, that the recovery is progressing as planned, that BlackBerry will continue to produce their superior line of handsets, they will go elsewhere looking for their bad news. Sadly, ‘good news’ is not of interest, and if the alleged ‘experts’ can’t find bad news then they will try to make it.

    In the mean time, Chen and BlackBerry continue to chug along following a plotted course.

    • web99


      Thanks for the comment. It is spot on. One of the things i like about CEO John Chen is that he is direct and is not afraid to tell it as it is without sugar-coating it. The other thing I like is that he does what he says that he will do.

  • Anthony

    I like this video.

    I definitely prefer my Passport over the Classic.