BlackBerry CEO John Chen: We Are Well-positioned in India’s Enterprise Market

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BlackBerry under the leadership of its CEO John Chen, have actively been strengthening its ties with the Indian market and it makes perfect sense due to the following reasons:

  • India has a population of approximately 1.2 billion people, a middle-class estimated to be between 250 and 300 million, with many companies and technological firms located there.
  • So for companies like BlackBerry who are seeking new markets to expand its enterprise services and device sales, it is an impossible market to ignore.

Earlier this month, we reported in UTB blogs an announcement by BlackBerry that it was extending its support to developers at the Vizag Startup Village in India.  Its involvement in this initiative was to provide the expertise, device and technical support to enable the development of enterprise applications for its BlackBerry 10 platform.

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In a recent interview with PTI (Press Trust of India), CEO John Chen expressed his belief that BlackBerry was “well-positioned” for the multi-billion dollar Indian enterprise market armed with smartphones across multiple price points and end-to-end mobility solutions.

He also saw great opportunities ahead and reiterated that BlackBerry had an aggressive plan to continue and maintain its lead in the mobile enterprise market.

BlackBerry Passport Marketing in India
BlackBerry Passport Marketing in India

BlackBerry CEO John Chen also made the following statements:


On the Indian market, he said: “We are also well-positioned to provide our enterprise customers with the best, most secure end-to-end enterprise mobility solutions.

“We’ve also seen several new wins in the Indian market this year, including Indiabulls, Nishith Desai Associates, ITC, AZB & Partners, Bharucha & Partners, and are confident this momentum will continue”.

Mr Chen said BlackBerry is aggressively targeting enterprise customers in India.

“In India specifically, we are aggressively targeting large, mid-level and small businesses alike. Late last year, we announced the opening of BlackBerry Enterprise Solutions (BES) Centres in Mumbai and Gurgaon as part of our focus on the enterprise mobility market,” he added.

These centres will cater to the needs of the enterprise customers and provide them with a walk-in experience of BlackBerry’s robust enterprise mobility management solutions, including BES10, Mr Chen said.

“BlackBerry has a strong base in India, and we are continuing to build share in this priority market by listening to our customers and delivering the devices and mobile solutions they want,” he added.


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Taking everything into account, BlackBerry’s strengthening of ties to India’s enterprise market is an excellent decision and shows it is not only thinking about today, but is also anticipating and planning for the future as well.

The Indian market is still relatively young and is rapidly expanding, so there is a great potential for growth and new business opportunities for BlackBerry.

The other thing that is encouraging is that BlackBerry is not only concentrating on enterprise, but is also placing great effort into India’s consumer market.


Most importantly in my opinion, this enterprise initiative is a win win for both sides.

  • The Indian companies benefit from BlackBerry’s end-to-end mobile device management solutions, which provides them with the security that they need
  • They also benefit from a range of BB10 devices, specifically built with a superior operating system with an emphasis on productivity so that their employees can easily take care of their business needs on the go when they are away from their offices.
  • And for BlackBerry, it is an opportunity to sell more devices and enterprise services and increase their market-share.

For those BlackBerry fans, especially those in India I would like to get your perspective so please share your thoughts in the comments.


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