BlackBerry CEO on the Company’s Innovative Shift, now trading on NYSE

After announcing on October 3rd, that BlackBerry Ltd. – BBRY  would be moving to NYSE, the switch has happened. The stock is now trading under the ticker of BB.

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry Ltd, has taken to the media to give interviews about where the company is, why it is moving to NYSE, and the general thoughts of the future. He is stating that BlackBerry is “out of danger” and the future is very strong.

Check out this great interview he gave yesterday:

John Chen, CEO of BlackBerry joins Cheddar on the day it moves to the New York Stock Exchange after 30 years at the Nasdaq. Chen explains that it’s time to relaunch the company in order for customers to feel more connected. Trading at the New York Stock Exchange will help BlackBerry with that mission.

Let s know what you think about the change and what he has to say in the interview.



Kevin Button

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