BlackBerry Blend Promotional Video Demo Emerges Online

Blend_Dashboard_2 (1)

Remember BlackBerry Blend?

For those of you who don’t know it is the rumoured ability to blend your BlackBerry 10 device on desktop or tablet allowing you to email, BBM or SMS from any, or all, of your devices at once.

And it’s pretty cool.

A video demonstration has emerged online posted by ‘BlackBerry Blend’ (we have no idea whether that’s official or a made up name) showing some of the delights:

BlackBerry Blend from BlackBerry Blend on Vimeo.

Either way, it looks pretty near the mark as it shows off what we know.

And look at the bottom of the screen at the start of the video, which devices keys are those?

So, is BlackBerry Blend close to reality?

I hope it is, it looks great!


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