BlackBerry Blend – Have You Been Blending?


When I got my Passport in October one of the first features I wanted to try was BlackBerry Blend.

I was NOT disappointed.

What look like simple ideas are often the best and this one is just amazing. For ages now we’ve heard people say ‘why can’t I BBM on my PC?’ well BlackBerry took that and powered it up.

On steroids.

For those not in the know BlackBerry Blend effectively allows you to use your phone on your computer. In real time. So you can access the Hub, BBM or SMS right there, from your desktop or tablet (or both!) at the same time. a true, real revolution in working, particularly since you can also access the files on any connected device at the same time.

The best bit?

It just works! It finds your phone over USB, wifi or mobile network and just works! No clever setup, no fancy networking stuff, no odd errors (in my experience, anyway). It’s a great example of good programming, something that does what it says on the tin. Looks simple but the theory behind it must be mind boggling.

What I REALLY love about it is the reaction from those that have tried it, They dont get it when you explain (my fault surely, must explain better!) but when they actually use it its game on.

This has led rise to a new term in our office… ‘Blending’ to describe when people are connected – and with some pride, I have to say.

‘Can’t beat a bit of Blend’ said a Manager the other day.

Yes it has its limitations but this is V1 of something that is going places.

My question to you is, now everyone has it, do you Blend?

If you don’t, you should…

iPhonians and Androidians stand amazed when you show them!


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