BlackBerry Blend Gets Updated


The ever marvellous BlackBerry Blend has recieved an update today taking it to version

The changelog is below, support is included for BBM Message Retraction and Timed Messages along with some other funky background stuff.


We love Blend and showing it off to our iPhonian and Androidian friends, this update is just another stepping stone in pulling BlackBerry 10 further and further away and ahead of those silly ‘old’ OS’s stuck in 2012…

How about you? Are you Blending?


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  • Canuckvoip

    Awesome! Thanks!

  • Reverend Grim

    Whenever I’m on my PC I’m blending it! It’s handy stuff when you get sent a link and can view it straight on your monitor, I wonder when the ‘other old OS’s’ will get something as good?

  • bambinoitaliano

    Did the Blend update by itself? My is already saying it’s this version.

  • bungaboy

    Blend just makes things easier and more convenient!

  • Anthony

    Anyone else have the issue where when you “delete” an email from the email section in Blend (desktop) it reappears. I have to delete the email again. Then it’s gone! locco_smiley_31