BlackBerry Blend – A First Sight Of The Internet of Things?

BlackBerry Blend

Whilst BlackBerry Blend doesn’t OFFICIALLY exist even, there’s enough out there to let you know it is happening with 10.3.

The safest way to describe what Blend is (thanks to Malhark) would be

A tool powered on the 10.3 OS which will transform your smartphone into a dashboard on any desktop, laptop and tablet. It lets you manage and operate BlackBerry smartphone contacts, messages, Email, BBM, media etc. Remotely

In other words without you doing a thing other than enabling the software on your device your PC becomes an extension of your phone.

And this is BIG NEWS.

We’ve already seen this in BlackBerry Link. Ok, it’s had it’s teething troubles but when it works right it’s an incredible piece of software. What other platform gives you, as built in to the OS so EVERYONE can use it, the ability to walk into your house and your pictures and video files are synced and backed up automatically WITHOUT YOU LIFTING A FINGER just because you are in range of your wifi?

what other platform gives you access to EVERY FILE on your home PC whilst you are out?


And Blend takes this one step further.

Because it literally Blends the Mobile, Tablet and Desktop worlds together.

A bit like BlackBerry Bridge for the Playbook but on steroids.

And available cross platform. That’s incredible.

Just to give you one example. i am sat at my desk now, typing this with my Z30 by the side of my laptop. BBM’s are happening but right now I have to pick up my phone and reply to them.

With Blend I could reply to them on my PC just as I type this to you.

Faster, more efficient.

And bringing the different parts together, with no effort from the user whatsoever, is what BlackBerry is so very good at, and why we might just be witnessing the beginning of IoT. A world where devices talk to each other and give you what you want without you doing a thing.

So, will you be enabling BlackBerry Blend on 10.3?

I know I will.


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