BlackBerry Blazed a Trail Apple is Following


BlackBerry has always been a trailblazer. The first mobile email device. One of the first smartphones. The first company to have their name used as a generic term for smartphones. And Apple has always followed and crazily enough, have always been madly successful at it. The latest to the smartphone race, Apple has by far become the most successful smartphone maker. Ever. But there’s something else BlackBerry was first at, and I believe Apple is now starting down that path.

BlackBerry, under it’s former leadership and former name, saw the company go from the top of it’s field, to the brink of death. It has been widely accepted that this occurred due to BlackBerry’s former leadership, not paying attention, or caring, about the change in the mobile landscape. When the iPhone was released, BlackBerry didn’t seem to care. As apps began to grow in popularity, BlackBerry continued with an OS that was past its prime and could not really handle the upcoming demands of the consumer market. As competitors first matched, and then surpassed BlackBerry devices in terms of functionality, BlackBerry continued on with small updates, and seemingly didn’t care. Until it was almost too late. And the sure sign of their downfall, was media turning against them, and helped change the public perception of BlackBerry.

But times have changed. There is new leadership at BlackBerry, and BlackBerry is doing new and exciting things. Under the leadership of John Chen, we have seen BlackBerry 10 become the best mobile platform out there. Unfortunately, it’s also the most underrated platform. So BlackBerry has changed their strategy, introducing a dual OS plan in which we are seeing our beloved BB10 devices ready for sale to those of us that want them, and an Android device, which is getting better reviews than we’ve seen in some time. Most importantly, BlackBerry’s image has changed. Where I used to be surrounded by people who would ask “they still make that?” when they saw my BlackBerry, those same people are now asking me about the new BlackBerry that they have heard about. It truly is a magical time for BlackBerry right now, and I’m proud that I have continued to support BlackBerry every step of the way. When BlackBerry is back on top, I’ll know that I was no fair weather fan.

And true to form, Apple has been following in BlackBerry’s footsteps. They have completely ignored the change in the mobile landscape. As other platforms are adding tech to their phones, Apple is far behind the trend. And when they do finally add the tech, they handicap it. Bluetooth and NFC are purposely limited in their functionality so that Apple can ensure that they can get every last penny from their customers. Consumers are asking for sturdier phones, and for a battery that can last throughout the day, and Apple doesn’t seem to care. They are completely ignoring what their customers are asking for, instead choosing to go thinner and seemingly flimsier. iOS is an operating system past it’s prime, and Apple offers minimal buggy updates, causing their customers issues and heartache each and every update. This is not news. We’ve been reporting on this since the beginning of UTB. But there’s a sure sign of things to come for Apple. And that sign is media’s treatment of Apple.

The Apple has lost it’s shine, and while it is still the most popular handset out there, and still seen as a status symbol of sorts to the masses, media is beginning to turn. It seems that there is not a day that goes by that I do not see some other tech reporter growing tired of Apple’s line, and they’re beginning to let it show.

In my news feed just today, CoolGuyStuff speaks of several glitches with his iPhone 6s and finishes up a post speaking of trying the new BlackBerry Priv. Bidness Etc titled a post asking if iPhone was losing it’s charm.Phone Dog posted the video below explaining why they would be returning the iPad Pro.

I am beginning to see more and more posts like these daily in my newsfeeds. And as we’ve seen before, when media turns on a product, the public will follow suit. Apple gained prominence by being the little guy being different than the bigger guy. A story that the public loves, and will back. Times are different now. There is no one bigger than Apple. Do I think Apple will end up in the same position BlackBerry found themselves in? I doubt it. With the amount of money Apple has, it would take legendarily poor leadership for them to find themselves at that point. But I do believe the fate of the iPhone is sealed, and we are just starting to see the beginning of what will be the downfall of the iPhone as we know it. Apple has the resources to rebuild their dated OS now, while it still has it’s popularity, however Apple seems to show no interest in doing that. The question remains, what will happen when the giant that is iPhone falls? Will Apple simply move back to being a computing company? Will they try to rebuild their mobile side? I don’t know. But I have a feeling we will find out soon enough.


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