BlackBerry BBM: Focus on Security and Privacy

Focused on Privacy

2016 has been heralded as the year when privacy is “dead.” We all know that anything which isn’t a fad has been declared dead. We saw and heard about BlackBerry being “dead.” (Which is ironic because their software revenues have attained the biggest high after turnaround.) So, the word “dead” is a tad overused. We aren’t fazed by these pronouncements.

Privacy has always been the focus here on UTB (See here and here). We aren’t paranoid. We don’t wear tin foil hats. We don’t stay off the grid. We don’t believe in security through obscurity. We are regular folks. But unlike most, we don’t believe in fads: the snapchats, the fancy bubbles, or giving away our lives to nameless faceless corporations driving their algorithms to sell our private data to advertisers (which can be very discriminatory). We love functionality combined with the safety and efficiency of a mobile ecosystem.

That’s why we use BlackBerry Messenger and BlackBerry. It’s heartening to know and read about their commitment to security and privacy from the highest levels. My attention turned to a recent post on Inside BlackBerry blogs which only helped to reinforce my beliefs on privacy. (Say no to Facebook!)

BlackBerry Secure

Bulk of data has moved to the cloud. Its evolutionary computing paradigm but did you know that it was BlackBerry which had pioneered it’s NoC’s as the forerunner of “software as a service”? The brutally reliable BBOS and it’s BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) that saved data and was super efficient for consumers (it may sound like a conspiracy theory but it was indeed a marriage made in heaven for iOS/Androids and carriers that slurped your measly  data limits in background, till it became the new norm to pay more for it). BlackBerry knows how to secure cloud. This is because they practically invented it in the first place. They also know how to ensure mobile collaboration.

When the likes of Dropbox push their collaborative tools, do they have it in them to grant iron clad administrative rights? No mention of rigorous certifications required to operate in regulated environments. BlackBerry has patents, the guts, gumption, expertise and the know how to execute it. So, if it’s good for secure communications between heads of state, the same degree of security is good enough for me, to ensure my communication remains private.

BBM Enterprise

And finally BBM Enterprise (formerly BBM Protected). It doesn’t rely on a encryption tool funded by the three letter agencies (Signal protocol). It instead uses highly secure, independently audited and certified systems that has the highest levels of clearance from governments to operate instant messaging. BBM Enterprise is what I personally rely on, to ensure that my chats are private. It also helps to know that hardware remains totally private and not shared with any third party and generates the encryption keys. BBM Enterprise is now a part of the unified suite from BlackBerry.

BlackBerry always has our back and our trust. It alone has the ability to secure the cyberspace frontiers.

Therefore for your instant messaging needs, we recommend the one and only BBM. Do join us for the special episode with Matthew Talbot, CEO of BBM-Emtek.


BlackBerry Forever!