BlackBerry Awesome, Good Not So Much


We’re all used to seeing the ads for Good Technology, telling us to leave BlackBerry. When we first got our ads here at UTB, the very first ad that ¬†popped up was for Good…. which I immediately went and disallowed. Needless to say, any of us that enjoy reading technology blogs, see all the claims that Good Technology makes about their services vs BlackBerry. And today, BlackBerry shed some light on the truth, and there’s not a BlackBerry fan I know that wasn’t impressed and cheering.

I’m not about to try and condense the Fact Check post, as anything I would write would not do it justice. If you have somehow managed to miss it, click the link below, and see what a red virtual red pen and the truth can do.

BlackBerry has turned over a new leaf. They are fighters now. No longer are they allowing the Samsungs and the Apples and the Good Technologies of the world to kick sand in their face. And now, I am not only proud of the BlackBerry products I carry with me quite literally everywhere I go, I am also proud of the company behind it.

Read the BlackBerry Fact Check here.


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