BlackBerry Australia/New Zealand Winning New Contracts.

BlackBerry’s Winning New Contracts in Australia and New Zealand. Australia

BlackBerry has picked up a host of new customers in markets in Australia and New Zealand as it continues to build on their future.

They have signed up Catholic Church Insurance, NZ law firm Buddle Findlay and relocation services provider SIRVA as new customers and BlackBerry ANZ’s newly appointed managing director Paul Crighton said the latest wins highlighted the strength of the new look BlackBerry. Whilst BlackBerry still make phones the company’s core is now software that is designed to help enterprises secure their mobile environments.

These new customers  come hot on the heels of a deal with Macquarie University that will see it deploy Black­Berry’s networked crisis communications platform AtHoc.

Paul Crighton goes on to say:

“The name BlackBerry conjures up many things and while we were once a global powerhouse in devices with strong security we are now just as dominant in security software”

“We actually manage and secure 20 per cent of the world’s devices no matter what operating system they are on but that’s not all we do, we are here to help businesses make the move to the mobile as securely and as easily as possible”

“To be productive you have to get the apps into the hands of your workforce but how do you stop your critical IP from leaking out in a BYOD environment?

“Our job is to provide the tools to businesses that help them share documents securely and create a secure end-to-end mobile environment.”

This goes to show that BlackBerry are working hard to regain market share a grow the business in software and services.

Paul Crighton took over as CEO of BlackBerry Australia and New Zealand from Mathew Ball a few months ago and seems to have settled into the new role well. Hopefully he can continue to grow BlackBerry in Australia and New Zealand as their presence here had dwindled significantly over the last few years.

BlackBerry have done well so far to turn the company around by concentrating on software and services across all mobile platforms. They have reinforced that they are the market leader when it comes to mobile security.

I know who I trust to keep me safe when it comes to my mobile. Do you?