BlackBerry Aurora Goes All In on Camera

More marketing material for the BlackBerry Aurora is showing up online.

Just yesterday we shared a marketing video which I thought was amazing. I wasn’t aware at the time that there was more than that video.

BB Merah Putih is really focusing on the camera of this device! The camera itself is a 13 MP shooter. And we’ve surely seen better on recent BlackBerry devices. But BB Merah Putih is showing off some impressive software features.

Watch the videos below.

I love these videos. I’m hoping that they continue pushing these out, It makes a big difference when you can actually see what the phone is capable of. I hope that we see marketing material as good as these videos for the BlackBerry Mobile and the upcoming Optiemus devices.

I now have high hopes for the BlackBerry Aurora. How about you?


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  • Wayno

    These are great videos that will appeal to consumers. The camera features look awesome and I wonder if it’s the actual software in the Camera app itself or part of Nougat. Hopefully we will see these features added to existing BlackDroid devices. Great job BlackBerry and BBMerah Putih

  • bnew70

    I would love to see a budget BlackBerry phone here in the UK, I have had to buy two alcatel phones for my children after their old Z10 and Q10s eventually passed and I am unable to afford the Dtek50 for both of them. Funny watching them trying to swipe and getting nowhere on the Android phones but for £59 each. But if BlackBerry made a budget phone around the £100 mark at least I would have the choice. BlackBerry Hub and BBM were the first Apps downloaded :)

  • Alan

    You can’t help but get the impression that BlackBerry and BB Merah Putih through these videos of the Aurora is really going to be a force to contend with in the Indonesian phone market. I suppose a lot will have to do with the price as compared to the other phones on the market, what it is those other phones are offering, and the marketing itself . It may help that the Aurora is made in Indonesia. Not sure how proud the Indonesian people will feel and react to that feature. So far it’s exciting. I wish them well.

  • Roy shpitalnik

    The videos no working!

  • Sipo Kapumba

    I was unable to watch the video. I get a message saying the videos are private.

    • Yes, they’ve been pulled. :( I’m sure we’ll see them again.