BlackBerry Apps get update for Android

BlackBerry Android apps updated in Google Play

After the update for the Hub+ Services app earlier, all the other apps by BlackBerry for Android have now received an update. Here are the changes for each of the apps:

BlackBerry Calendar

  • Allow users to change event calendars after creations
  • Fixed missing indication of who forwarded an event
  • Contact birthday/anniversary integration
  • Accept meeting invites without having to send a response
  • Big fix

BlackBerry Hub

  • Adding setting for default sending account
  • Support for viewing email attachments
  • Toggle to remove an account from the hub and stop syncing it
  • Added contact avatars to emails notification
  • Improve rendering for rich formatted HTML emails
  • Fixed issue with some attachments not downloading
  • Bug Fix

BlackBerry Keyboard

  • Visual enhancements and quicker response when you switch languages
  • New Chinese input
  • Ability to unlock password autofill with fingerprint
  • Bug fix

BlackBerry Launcher

  • Added dynamic date to calendar home screen
  • Added BlackBerry Launcher icon for non BlackBerry devices
  • Fixed blank space issue above navigation bar
  • Bug fix

Password Keeper

  • The new built-in browser lets you open and log in to webpages directly form the app
  • Unlock autofil with your fingerprint directly from the Keyboard
  • A new password font
  • Support for non Latin characters

Contacts, Notes and Tasks by BlackBerry have mainly received Bug fixes in their update.

Go to Google Play now and update your apps!


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