BlackBerry announces BlackBerry Experience Suite


Today, BlackBerry announced the next step in their cross-platform strategy – the BlackBerry Experience Suite, for iOS, Android and Windows.

BlackBerry Experience Suite takes the form of three separate Suites that take BlackBerry’s famous productivity, security and collaboration features and takes them cross-platform.  As the Inside BlackBerry blog says:

“As we’ve already done with BBM, BlackBerry Blend, BES, and many other cross-platform solutions (see above), we want to empower all mobile professionals in order to supercharge their productivity and allow them to work across all their devices in an effortless and secure way.”

The three BlackBerry Experience Suites are:

BlackBerry Productivity Suite:

  • Manage work and personal messages, and edit documents across all your devices in an effortless and secure manner.
  • Master all your personal and work messages in one place – email, text, BBM, social accounts.
  • Intelligent work flows and deeply integrated search helps you tackle the highest priority communications first, including high-priority messages, documents and contacts, across devices and cloud sources.

BlackBerry Communication & Collaboration Suite:

  • Share and collaborate securely in real-time with colleagues through instant meetings, Wi-Fi voice calls, video chat and an integrated calendar view.
  • View and edit documents and calendar invitations across all your devices in an effortless and secure way.

BlackBerry Security Suite:

  • Protect your personal and work information from malware and data theft with BlackBerry’s secure encryption and privacy controls.
  • Secure emails, messages, phone calls, calls and documents across any mobile computing environment
  • Integrate and securely manage work and personal messages through separate containers.

These suites can be purchased individually or together as the BlackBerry Experience Suite. BlackBerry will begin offering the BlackBerry Experience Suite later this year.

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