BlackBerry Android: Why it won’t let you down

We have seen an array of devices being sold in Android land. There are different case scenarios across the world.

In US, it’s the carriers who determine the life cycle of a “smartphone”. You get it on “rent” (not own it) and you have the option to “trade it in” after the contract is over. Most users, elsewhere, buy it outright (through monthly installments) which is usually “unlocked”.

This model allows carriers to have exceptional stranglehold over the device manufacturers which doesn’t translate into best deals for the consumers. We have spoken about how BlackBerry 10 suffered and bled at carriers. Elsewhere, the premium price tag also made it extremely difficult for the company to push out sales.

However, this post isn’t about marketing strategies but only to highlight that Android is fragmented. It’s Google’s fault, indeed. In the quest for dominance, it ignored one basic tenet. The rapid software updates meant that it was in interests of hardware manufacturers to bring out newer models instead of supporting the older hardware. Slab after slab with little differentiation came out making it incredibly complex market- both for consumers (with an array of choices) and manufacturers (with very slim margins).

Therefore, we see all kinds of sales tactics- ranging from “selfie”cameras, water resistance, “infinity screens” and incompetency that makes it difficult to separate the wheat from chaff.  Are they sufficient to entice consumers? Possibly yes; because the newer generation “iris scanners” with “biometrics” is the new “normal”.

Software updates? What is that? These manufacturers claim that it’s complex mechanism to push for updates and it depends on carriers. Who is responsible for the mess? Especially, in terms of heightened concerns related to cybercrimes and identity thefts.

This brings us to BlackBerry. Dear readers, it makes things easier for us to choose. Software is the new differential and most others know it. By keeping the “stock Android” and making slight changes to the user interface, BlackBerry has delivered stellar products- Priv/ DTEK50/60. And given the best of security which is security compliant.

BlackBerry has your back and soon it will release the Android N (time it with release of KeyOne). And yes, it’s not going to leave Priv behind but optimise it for the hardware.

BlackBerry Priv

This will safely future proof your investment and give you the best value for money.


BlackBerry Forever!

  • alan510

    I totally agree with your article but the marketing hype with Samsung and other brands is hard to ignore. Not so much for me as security is a key element of my mobile experience. But then again, I’m not a selfie taker or use social media that much.

    One question for you. Is Android N coming to the Priv? I’m not clear on that from reading your article.

    • Alan

      I can’t imagine Android N not coming to the Priv. I’ve always considered it as a matter of course. In the last sentence of this article Stereotactic says: ” (BlackBerry is) not going to leave Priv behind “. So I believe he or she has already answered your question.

  • Interesting read! The Android Market is indeed different from BB10 or iOS. However, I’m really hoping for Nougat on my Priv.