BlackBerry, Android, or iPhone, Who’s the Most Vulnerable?

A short time ago, I wrote a post in which I basically called Tim Cook a hypocrite. Ok, I literally called him a hypocrite. To refresh you’re memory, Tim Cook made the following statement at a function;

“We at Apple reject the idea that our customers should have to make tradeoffs between privacy and security. We can, and we must provide both in equal measure. We believe that people have a fundamental right to privacy. The American people demand it, the constitution demands it, morality demands it”

Any of us that keep up on mobile tech, know that Apple security is comedy at best. And those of us that are concerned with getting out this truth will work to ensure that each story of an Apple hack or vulnerability gets as much publicity as when BlackBerry’s stock price drops a nickle. Yet as we make these truths public, we’re consistently hit with the same responses;
We’re told it’s not that bad. We’re told that it’s the safest OS between Android and iOS. We’re told that Android is by far the least safe OS. But is it?

I’ve heard it so much, for so long, I believe it. When I think of failed security, I think of Android first. After all, we know Google and Samsung couldn’t secure Android, instead they utilized BlackBerry and other MDM’s to secure what they couldn’t in their enterprise push. But not Apple. Apple tells us they are safe. They tell us they’re enterprise ready. And while I certainly don’t believe they are, I do believe they’re safer that Android.

Until today.

That is until one of our readers @jubatus1 sent me some links to a very interesting site. The site is In their words, CVE Details “provides an easy to use web interface to CVE vulnerability data.” The next question of course, is what is CVE vulnerability data? CVE stands for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. Before we start to look at numbers, it’s important to remember that a single vulnerability can lead to multitudes of malware strains. As we hear and report on many different malware strains that may do different things, many times, they are made possible by the same vulnerability used by another malware. Also, simply because there is a vulnerability, it does not necessarily mean it has been exploited before it was fixed.

How do the platforms compare?

Of course we wish to start with our favorite platform, the one we know is safe. Across BlackBerry’s entire range of products, including BES, BBOS, BB10 and even the Playbook, there have been 15 vulnerabilities documented. Since 2008. For more detail, click here


Now how about that horribly insecure Android OS? If BlackBerry had 15 over 7 years, we should imagine a much larger number for Android right? Yes, we’d be right. Although to be honest, I expected even more. The Android OS has logged 54 entries. Now remember, that is solely for the Android OS. Google, with it’s range of services can lay claim to 796 vulnerabilities. 15 versus 796? BlackBerry for the win. For more detail click here


Tim, it’s your turn. Your turn to show us how much Apple truly cares about users constitutional right to privacy and security. Are you ready for this? You can’t possibly be. iOS, the mobile OS which I’m sure most of us simply take for granted as at least being safer than Android, lists an amazing count of 518 entries! Nearly ten times that of Android! This is one case where iPhone users favorite argument would be correct. BlackBerry’s list of vulnerabilities is truly insignificant to iOS’s 518 entries! And that is only for their mobile OS. Apple as a company, with their range of products, lists an absolutely astounding count of 2682 entries! Remember, BlackBerry as a company has had 15, versus Apple’s 2682. Do I even need to say it? BlackBerry for the win. For for more detail click here.


Every now and then, things we believe are proven right, and other things are turned on their head. Today, both happened. I was once again assured that my privacy and security is being well taken care of by my brand of choice, my BlackBerry. I also learned that I too have been taken in by Apple lies. Although I believed myself to be an in-the-know consumer of mobile tech, I discovered that apparently I too have been taken in by the marketing machine that is Apple. No, contrary to what I’ve been told, Android isn’t quite as bad as I thought, and the rotten apple is…well…Apple.

And as I always have, and will continue, #iChooseBB10


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