My BlackBerry Android File Manager Solution

I’m back with another video, this one is about file managers.

File management is so simple on BB10. BlackBerry included the BlackBerry File Manager right on the phone, right out of the box. It’s a great file manager, allowing us to, well, manage out files. Those files on our phones, those files within various cloud services, even files on our PC thanks to Remote File Access. It is a real gift of an app, that we can quite easily take for granted. I know I did. Until I began using BlackBerry Android.

BlackBerry Android utilizes the standard android method of file management. Namely, there’s not one. There is a file picker, which allows you to what we probably all use the file manager for most, which is picking files. But as far as manipulating our files on our phones? Well, it’s time to choose ourselves an app, and off to the Google Play Store.

Once in the Google Play Store, we discovered very quickly, that there are a very large amount of file managers available to us. There are many file managers that do many different things in many different ways. I’ve tried numerous file managers, and feel like Ive finally found a good solution. I share my solution, and opinion here. Let us know yours in the comments.




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  • Roy shpitalnik

    Didn’t know about the file manager, for me i’m not using file manager so much but when i use my cloud services i prefer to do it from one place.

    Thanks Brad

    • So true about the cloud services. Most if not all cloud apps are also file managers that will manage the files on your phone just as well as the files within the cloud.

      Only problem is my cloud of choice was just shown to be vulnerable to attack this week. Lol. So I definitely didn’t want to promote that.

  • Alan

    Thanks Brad, very interesting. I would like to try this on my own on the Priv, but before I do please tell me how well file manager or abfile functions using a USB stick.

  • Fahed Al Derbi

    Thanks Brad really great and helpful Video your advices will save a lot of time and efforts for both current BlackBerry android owners and prospective owners

  • Wayno

    Nice video Brad. I’m also using both of these apps. Asus File Manager is a beautifully designed app with great functionality. It is however, missing remote file access as you explained. And as recommended by you a while back I have installed by Acer. Like you said, it is blazingly fast accessing PC files over wifi or mobile network. I can highly recommend both of these apps.
    Now , I too would like to see the BB10 file manager on BlackBerry Android. Only issue here is that the BB10 file manager relies on BlackBerry Link installed on PC for remote access. So I guess there would have to be a client program installed on PC to allow this. Can Link be utilised to do this? I’m not sure but an added bonus would be great the backup feature.
    So if BlackBerry can somehow incorporate BlackBerry Android to work with Link giving remote access and backup,, then Link would become a great asset.
    Having an all in one solution for BB10 and BlackBerry Android devices would be awesome. We really need a PC solution for Android backup. I don’t want to rely on cloud for backup and being able to back up my Priv to PC would be welcome

    • Yep. There’d have to be a client program. Would be nice to see an updated version of link.

  • PowerWheelz #BB10

    I like the Asus but it had one flaw that I needed. It did box but not Dropbox (or vice versa) and I need both. I did like WD SanDisk Memory Zone (another free, no ad) as it had both box and Dropbox but it seemed to lose files (they were there but only WDSDMZ couldn’t see them). I enter up opting for ES File Manager Pro. free version is painful with the ads but pro is nice enough for what I need.

    • ES was the first app I gave a good try to. I just didn’t care for the UI/ads.

      I do have apps for box, Dropbox, and OneDrive, which I tend to go to first when I’m using those services.

      • PowerWheelz #BB10

        I dont mind the UI at all. But yes the ads are pathetic. But the Pro version doesn’t have them so I’m OK.
        I prefer to only have 1 file manager app. And it needs to handle box and Dropbox. I don’t want to use separate apps. That’s why the WD app was perfect. Weird UI. But that flaw was hard to ignore.
        If Asus got both Cloud I need, I would switch

        • I agree I’d rather only use one too. Just haven’t found one I like yet that I can use as a single app. Hence my frustration and wanting BB10 file manager on android. Lol!

          Except now, I want the PC File Transfer option on the BB10 file manager too.

          • PowerWheelz #BB10

            I spend last night and this morning installing a bunch of different file managers. I found one you may like.
            file Manager by General Mobile Official.
            Free, no ads, Cloud (box and Dropbox for me). Has remote connection and PC file transfer.

            • Looks like it does everything! Have downloaded and will give it a try.

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Thanks for this video. Was using on my PRIV Asus File Manager and just installed ABFiles. Perfect companion. Great that it allows remote access via Wifi or Mobile data. Will be very helpful in next meeting away from office no need to bring laptop and can access and show file on my PRIV. You just improved my productivity.
    Great Job Brad!


  • anthogag

    Well, how well does it all work? Is it integrated like BB10?

    When you make a file, can you save it, then find it right away with Search?

    Can you rename a picture file from the camera app?

    When you save a remote file to your smartphone, do you get a “Save as” with the option to put it in a folder you choose?

    Current Android file managers were cool 10 years ago.

    • You will never get the integration you get with BlackBerry apps on a BlackBerry platform with third party apps.

      Yes you can.

      From the camera app? Why are we talking about the camera app in a file manager app post? And yes, you can rename files in pretty much any file manager.

      With the remote file access and PC file transfer you’re presented with your entire file system and you can place and name however and wherever you like.

      I think 10 years ago is the last time you looked at them. Lol

      • anthogag

        I mentioned the camera app because smartphone users take many pictures and having an integrated file manager means you can rename the picture after you take it.

        The way Android apps work and their UI setup feels like Windows 10 years ago.

        • I guess I need to start looking for a camera app that allows users to change the file name after the pic is taken. lol

          • anthogag

            And then find it with Search…

              • anthogag

                What is this? You know how it’s done in BB10…from the camera. Rename it right after you shoot it. Then use Search to find it.

                • Nope. Didn’t know BB10’s camera did that. I’ve never done it or had need to do it. *shrug*

                  But this is a file manager post. I didn’t do a video on a camera app. Lol.

                  • anthogag

                    WOW OMG Shiiiiiiit…

                    Try this. Take a picture of your cat. Name the file “Cat on sofa wearing suit and smoking cigar Wednesday March 8 2017”

                    Then, using Assistant/Search, type “cat sofa cigar” (key words) and it shows-up right away.

                    The point is if you had other “cat on sofa” pictures from whenever you’ll find them all right away. No time wasted scrolling through hundreds of pictures looking for the one you want.

                    This also goes for any other file.

                    And, when you transfer photos or files to your PC or Mac they have names.

                    • Lmfao!!

                      My Leap is on the other side of the house (while I’m blending), and I am on the sofa instead of the cat. I’ll try it later. lol

  • xBURK

    Very helpful series if you keep this going Brad. Coming from BB10 can be a task for sure, but I can promise anyone that BlackBerry has done a commendable job with Android. (Minus the first few months before meaningful updates) Myself, whenever I need an app, I just search Google for the top five in the corresponding category. Really saves time and effort. One last bit of advice, give yourself time to get the hang of BlackBerry Android. Just as anything new, the enjoyment only comes when things become second nature.

    • Thanks Burk! Now I just need to find my next topic. lol! Roy won’t let me stop now.

      And you’re right, BlackBerry has done an amazing job with Android, but it does take time to get used to it if you’re coming from the greatness that is BB10

  • NoseyNick

    I quite like the “Amaze” file manager. Simple, does the job, no fancy bells and whistles, just works.

    • That UI though….

      • NoseyNick

        I believe the marketing department would call it “clean, elegant, functional, yet highly configurable” :-)

        • They probably would. Doesn’t mean I would. lol!!

          Hey, you want to do a review? We have the space. :)