BlackBerry Android apps updates are now available

As every month, BlackBerry updates its applications for Android, and this month there are innovations and improvements in the main applications. The changes in the centers are in the HUB, the keyboard, and the Productivity Tab. All BlackBerry apps update that they have done a job regarding the feeling and use of all applications and that they went to the same look and feel between their applications.

In the Productivity Tab app, you can also see the activity of social networks in addition to emails and SMS messages. You can also add a widget to the app itself. In the calendar app you can choose the length of the work week in addition to the day it starts and the option to view a specific week when you press the week number on the side.

These are the innovations by the BlackBerry site:


  • Consistent User Interface: In all of our Hub+ apps there is now consistent placement of everything and consistent look and feel to dialogs making it easier for you to use all of the Hub+ apps.
  • Email Font Selection: You can match you the font sent from your mobile to what you sent on your desktop. Each email account will allow you to set the font type, size, colour for new emails or replies and forwards.
  • Enhanced S/MIME Management: Now specify what hash algorithm to use for signing operations of outgoing S/MIME messages. Additionally, when Hub is deployed in a managed profile, this setting will be controllable by an admin using Hub+ Services app configuration policies.

BlackBerry Keyboard

  • New Slideboard Customizations: Keeping with the theme that when rocking Android you like to customize everything, we’ve now updated the Keyboard Slideboard for even more customization. On the quick phrase side you can add up to 5 phrases now and on the symbols side you can pick what you want to see there, including emojis!


  • Lunar Year Display: In the Chinese Lunar Calendar, it will now display the Chinese Lunar Year information across the different calendar views. Just in time for this year’s Chinese New Year, Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Productivity Tab

  • Now add Widgets to the Tab: Love Widgets? Use up too much of your homescreen? Always a pain in the butt to get to them?  Well, have we got the solution for you!  Using a dedicated tab in the Productivity Tab you can now drop in widgets from favorite apps, allowing you to see their content from anywhere with one single swipe gesture. Additionally, we have also added the ability for you to manage the visibility and order of the tabs
  • Social Account Integration: In addition to email accounts, the Hub tab will now also display content from all social accounts that are configured in Hub.

Other apps that have been updated: Contacts By BlackBerry, Notes apps, and Tasks.

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