BlackBerry and T-Mobile Back Together Again


That’s right folks. After last year’s abrupt end to their relationship, it looks like BlackBerry and T-Mobile have buried the hatchet.

BlackBerry and T-Mobile have announced a new partnership that brings the BlackBerry Classic to the Un-carrier’s Data Strong network and its approximately 57 million individual and business customers beginning May 13.

T-Mobile customers will be able to pick up the BlackBerry Classic online on May 13th and in T-Mobile stores on May 15th for $0 down (and $18.33/month for 24 months; Full Retail Price: $439.92 +taxes/fees) under the T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan.

This is exciting news as it shows BlackBerry is trying to grow their distribution network for devices which bodes well for the device business in the future, much to the chagrin of the naysayers who predict that hardware will not be around in 2016.