BlackBerry and QNX is All Around Us

While many in the tech world continue to focus on one thing (device sales), BlackBerry continues to diversify its assets and create different revenue streams that will no doubt be beneficial as IOT sector continues to grow.

Yes the hardware business is important and in fact for some like Apple, it is the bulk of their existence.  However, BlackBerry is setting themselves up to be less reliant on one single aspect of their business which is a smart move given that reliance on a single large aspect is for the most part not a great long term strategy.

We have spoken at length the past about the 4 pillars of BlackBerry’s monetization strategy one of which is QNX.  Many people may not be aware of QNX or what it even really is but according to the list below, many of us are touched by it every day.

Below is an infographic of the 35 surprising ways QNX touches our lives from Inside BlackBerry Blogs.

[slideshare id=44460762&doc=qnx35ways-150209141721-conversion-gate01&type=d]