BlackBerry and Enterprise App Containerization – more important than ever


With the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trends of late, to meet the demands of employees who wish to use their personal devices for both work and personal use, IT departments are constantly struggling with the security risk of confidential company data being used on these personal phones. In this mobile environment, employee’s personal phones must be protected against threats such as data leakage, lost and stolen devices, and unsafe user practices.

­One solution invented by Good (owned by BlackBerry) is called ‘app containerization’. This method effectively “contains” corporate data safely
within the app utilizing FIPS-validated, app-level, AES 256-bit encryption that is independent of the device and secures corporate data even if the device passcode is compromised.
BlackBerry’s Business blog tells us that traditional mobile device management (MDM) offers insufficient security controls.
Four Reasons Why Mobile Containerization Now Matters More Than Ever | Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog


“App containers have begun to evolve as a complement or even a replacement for MDM as the foundational security layer for enterprise mobility,” reads a recent Good Technology White Paper. “Containers are a transformative technology for enabling enterprises to confidently deploy mobile apps that access corporate data and network resources with security and control, enabling users to work anywhere, anytime while still protecting corporate data and user privacy.”

In the blog, four IT security problems are given for the increasing importance of implementing this solution.

The threat of data leakage and malware, the problem of security consistency across platforms, devices get misplaced or lost constantly, and user privacy is a must. Read more here.


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