BlackBerry Advertising: Is it enough?


The fact is that there isn’t. Speaking to someone higher up in the hierarchy, they have cut the advertising budgets massively and have instead focused on targeting niche customers in view of consolidation of their businesses.

Personally, I remember reading up about Gillette Razors. Its a disposable commodity; used by millions across the world. Yet, be it a twin razor system or the 5 blade system, marketed under various brand names, invariably offers the same degree of shave. There’s hardly a noticeable difference.

Do you see any parallels with Apple? They create a “new series” of phones with the same cosmetic differences and marketed as “new”; not to mention copying of the existing set of features from competing platforms. With curated crowds and fawning media, eager for the clicks, Apple does manage to create a hype.

In contrast, BlackBerry has been affected by a negative perception about it’s vastly superior products. It could be well because of lack of advertising or a negative media campaign by entrenched interests who have a plausible deniability. This may sound like a conspiracy theory but it flies in the face of sustained attacks on the Canadian brand. There has to be some motivation from the “trolls” who litter the Internet.

This brings us back to the central question of this post. Is it enough? The answer is possibly yes. BlackBerry has set up and opened up its retail system at Amazon. They have also lined up their devices through some direct retails channels in Europe. BlackBerry is also marketing through major electronic chains in Asia. Carrier sales remain good enough in Australia. The system to have more sales is to have institutional mechanism to sell the product first. Its a tricky chicken and egg situation. There’s no carrier interest in US while the product is priced high in the developing markets.

Here’s hoping that with the new change of management and people at the highest levels, traditional channels of advertisement are opened up. We might just see this kind of a gem that was released in India by Vodafone.





BlackBerry Forever!

  • Anthony

    That is a great commercial. It could work in every market, changing people to reflect the target market. locco_smiley_10

    The former Top Gear hosts signed with Amazon. Will BlackBerry use ties with Amazon to feature BlackBerry technology in that new show?

  • newcollector

    Great commercial! It would work here in the USA.

  • DonMariano

    THAT should have been the Super Bowl ad, Americans can relate to that brand of humour. Ironically the ad reflects how BlackBerry became popular in the first place, it started as a phone for business people then the consumers jumped on the bandwagon.

  • Schmurf

    I love that ad! They should refresh it and release it around the world. I agree with Don Mariano that it should have been the SuperBowl ad.

  • bartron

    LMAO ! What a brilliant commercial.