Does BlackBerry have the ability to read Encrypted Whatsapp Messages?

We all heard that Whatsapp messages are end to end encrypted so you can’t read it during the sending process. Last month a new rule came into effect in Europe wherein every financial firm must archive every chat with their clients. I checked the BlackBerry news about the new MiFiD II rule, and while reading the VoxSmart partnership something caught my eye.

VoxSmart’s patented technology VSmart(TM) will provide financial services firms with the ability to capture, record, store and analyze mobile voice, text and third-party instant messaging applications such as WhatsApp and WeChat.

Could it be?

It seems that VoxSmart technology can record and capture Whatsapp messages. Now I’m asking myself, does it record or capture it during the sending process? Can BlackBerry and VoxSmart have the ability to break into Whatsapp encryption system?

It could be and if it is, “end to end encryption” has no meaning in terms of securing  user messages.


Roy Shpitalnik

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