BlackBerry 10 How to: WiFi Direct

I don’t know how many of you use this feature on BlackBerry 10, but I use it when I want to transfer files between my smartphones.

So, what is WiFi direct? I will link you to bartron’s great post about it. Demystified : DLNA vs Miracast vs WiFi Direct.

Here are some quotations from that article:

Probably the best way to understand WiFi Direct is to think of it as a version of WiFi that allows your BlackBerry to connect directly to another device without having to go through a router.

Usually, when your BlackBerry wants to communicate to other another device like a smart TV, both the BlackBerry and the smart TV have to connect to a router in a WiFi network. With WiFi Direct, your BlackBerry creates a WiFi connection directly to the TV, basically creating a 2-device WiFi network, without talking to any router. You don’t even need to have a router in reach.

So how does it work?, The most important thing is to be in the same WiFi network.

  • Enter WiFi settings on both devices
  • Choose WiFi Direct on the device that will receive the files
  • On the device sending the file, navigate to the file that you want to share, and choose share with WiFi Direct
  • Now you will see the devices available for WiFi sharing. Select the receiving device
  • Now, on the receiving device a new window will pop up, Click to approve
  • In the deliver device you will also see a pop up window, Click to approve

Here is video from for how to do it. It’s in Hebrew, but just look at the steps…


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