BlackBerry 10: Why it beckons me.


BlackBerry 10 is phenomenal. In addition to being the most secure OS on the planet, its also the most productive. The defined work flows, the sharing options and the smooth gestures- they make me fall in love with the device (herein my BB PassPort) again and again.

I am indeed alarmed by the ransomware epidemic. Its amply clear that that the next theatre of attacks is going to be mobile. Reason: Pre-dominance of Android with fragmentation of the operating system versions. Most devices have been sold by carriers through aggressive subsidies and in-store promotions. Most banking/ financial institutional applications have made their “mobile web interfaces” in form of applications. This makes it incredibly difficult to enforce security credentials/ sandboxing because the information is easily accessible through the sieve like file permissions. I accessed my bank/ reservation websites etc through BB 10 browser without any difficulty. I never needed applications and call me conservative but I prefer not to deal with sensitive financial information on Android. Period. iOS isn’t safe either though the attack surface is narrowed to a large extent.

This is in addition to the fact that company is backed by the smartest people in the mobile world with thousands of patents; all original R&D. Interestingly, John Chen (who leverages his background as an engineer) understands his role in monetising and not go after the companies like a patent troll. The proof is in the stringent security certifications that BlackBerry has to operate in highly regulated environments.

The mobile share market is determined by the “com-score” or the websites registering the unique browser agents. In addition, its the number of devices “shipped”; a shipment may even mean moving the stock from one corner of the warehouse to the another. Most companies have devoted a large spend of their budgets in marketing instead. There have been numerous examples of how Samsung pays to have bloggers influence to Apple’s nefarious “leaks” (who’s excited about it anyway?) The media frenzy has been whipped by having people to line up in front of the stores before the release (which ultimately has fallen flat on the ground with the recently announced quarter sales falling for it).

Look at Samsung. They haven’t been able to “innovate” in their offering of stock Android+ TouchWiz, their proprietary wrapper with perhaps thousands of security holes. It slows down the device right out of the box and there are dedicated forum topics for removing the Sammy’s version of Android with something more palatable. Likewise, most of the privacy forums are hell bent on prescribing open source forks of Android to avoid “tracking” but haven’t bothered to check BlackBerry 10, a company they distrust because of media created perceptions. We had granular app permissions right out of the box which the Android world got it much later with M version. If you restrict the app permissions, they don’t work. Which means you are forced to go back and switch it on.

BlackBerry 10 never caught up with the consumer frenzy. Their stellar hardware didn’t set the cash registers ringing. Yet, we have numerous examples here with the users sticking to Z10; 4 years after it was released. Can you spot any Samsung that lasts for that kind of duration? If it were, it would be lagging with constant freezing and a malware magnet.

BlackBerry cares. You’d be better off putting your hard earned money in this purchase.



BlackBerry Forever!

  • iMasterus

    BlackBerry cares? Really?! Please, don’t be delusional. There is no doubt about quality of BB 10 as a system. I like it. But, I have no doubt about BlackBerry future plans to kill BB 10 just to stay profitable. So, please, tell us, you love BB 10 or BlackBerry as a company, which will produce Android-only smartphones.