Blackberry 10 Versus IOS 8 in the Enterprise Arena: Who Packs The Better Punch?

BlackberryVsAppleBlackberry has had an amazing track record for over 30 years when it comes to satisfying the enterprise needs throughout the world for governments, fortune 500 companies, law firms and various players from key industries.  They offer a variety of services, among them being mobile device management (MDM), end-to-end security and their devices are well known for superior productivity, whether users are in their offices or on the go.

With this in mind various other players have tried and failed to offer the enterprise solution that Blackberry offers.  Samsung for 18 months attempted with Knox, but after countless delays, many technical problems and it’s inability to gain any traction in the marketplace, they ended up throwing in the towel.

Apple is another company that is trying to expand into that area as well.  At their WWDC 2014 conference in San Francisco during the first week of June, several of their executives made references to their new IOS8 platform, scheduled for release later on this year and how enterprise friendly it was. While we applaud Apple for their efforts, it still does not come close to what Blackberry offers.

In the BlackBerry Blogs, through their Fact Check, they did a recent comparison of three statements that Apple made concerning security, productivity and data/device management in relation to enterprise and how BlackBerry’s offerings are superior

Round 1: Security

Apple’s statement regarding security with the new IOS8 operating system – Source

“The enterprise-grade security technologies built into IOS are even more powerful in IOS8.  We have expanded data protection to more apps and enabled finer control over mobile encryption.”

Blackberry’s response

“BlackBerry is synonymous with security”

Round one goes to Blackberry!  Blackberry’s security goes far beyond data protection for apps and mobile encryption.  There are simply more configurable security options and more ways to ensure that both the company data and it’s communication either through email or messaging is secure and is only accessed by the intended parties.

Round 2 Productivity

Apple’s statement regarding Productivity with the IOS8 operating system – Source

“You have more ways to get things done quicker and easier with apps like Mail and Calendar”

Blackberry’s response

“Productivity on a Blackberry goes beyond email and appointments”

  • Blackberry Hub provides multiple ways to see the content that matters to you.
  • Long battery life – including 25 hours of mixed use on Blackberry Z30
  • Fast and accurate typing on both virtual and physical mobile keyboards.
  • Documents to go allows for real-time editing for all Microsoft Office Formats.
  • Support with information and payments with a tap via Near Field Communication

Round 2 goes to Blackberry as well! The Blackberry hub which allows you to quickly access any task beats having to press that famous button on the iPhone everytime you want to attempt a new task.  The Blackberry email system is superior and emails can be sent with multiple attachments  as opposed to sending multiple emails on the iPhone, each with a single attachment.

The keyboard, whether it is the virtual one with its predictive text and the ability to flick words or the physical one, provides a superior typing experience.  The battery life on the Z30 is second to none.  For communication purposes including the ability to receive a signal in low coverage areas and excellent call quality are things that Blackberry is known for.


Round 3 Data and device management

Apple’s statement regarding Data and device management with the IOS8 operating system – Source

“IT departments have more ways to manage information securely without burdening employees with complex rules and work personas”

Blackberry’s response

“The BlackBerry end-to-end experience is unmatched”

  • Simplicity and security with the industry’s only true end-to-end platform
  • BlackBerry Balance matches work and personal data seamlessly for a unified user experience. –
  • Administrators deploy and manage apps through BlackBerry Enterprise 10
  • Meeting compliance requirements with device and app monitoring and reporting

Round 3 goes to Blackberry as well!  Blackberry is a very formidable competitor when it comes to proving end-to-end solutions for data and device management.  In regard to Apple’s statement about burdening employees with complex rules and work personas, BlackBerry’s BES 10 allows security policies to be easily configurable and deployed by the BES Administrator in a simplified manner.  So this takes away the excuse of having a less secure device due to the complexity in terms of setting up the correct policies.

Blackberry Balance allows the employee to have a secured workspace for their work data, as well as a personal space for their fun apps like facebook, twitter and others.  The fact that both workspace and personal are separated from each other and data is not allowed to be transmitted across them allows the employee to carry one device instead of two.  Other competitors don’t even come close to what Blackberry is offering.


So for the question of who is better able to satisfy the needs of enterprise, the writing is already on the wall.  Apple right now is no where near where it needs to be.  Last week CEO Time Cook announced a partnership with IBM and he recently made the following admission , which sounds like admitting defeat.

“The kind of deep industry expertise you would need to really transform the enterprise isn’t in our DNA”

There are four key areas that Apple will be working on with IBM:

  • A “new class” of over 100 enterprise solutions, like native apps for iOS.
  • IBM cloud services optimized for iOS, “including device management, security, analytics and mobile integration.”
  • A new branch of AppleCare tailored specifically for enterprise.
  • “New packaged offerings from IBM for device activation, supply and management.”

In no way is this Apple/IBM partnership a guarantee for success and it does face some daunting challenges, as outlined by Steve Tobak in the following article and also by UTB a contributor in his article “Everybody wants to be Blackberry

The two points from this that I would like to emphasize are

  • Announcements are cheap. Deliverables aren’t
  • Weddings are easy.  Marriages take time.

So there you have it!  And to top it off straight from Blackberry Blogs

BlackBerry will remain the device of choice for those who value security and productivity.  Our legacy is in enterprise-grade secure devices, and with BlackBerry 10 we offer the best device for security, productivity, communication and collaboration for businesses around the world and that’s a fact.


Web99 enjoys tech and has tried smartphones on all the major platforms. Out of all devices he has tried, BlackBerry10 best fulfills his needs.

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