BlackBerry 10 Users – We Are Not Afraid

Just a quick note to clear up any misconceptions about those who STILL choose and prefer BlackBerry 10. We are not fearful, we are not Luddites. And please don’t call me a close minded ‘loyalist’.

I use it because it helps me get things done and is more efficient as a communication tool. If I want entertainment or games, there are devices for that. BlackBerry 10 is my connection to the world.

I don’t want to be the slave of my phone – I want it to be my slave. I don’t want to mess with apps for anything and everything. I want it to just work out of the box.  With BB10 I don’t need an app for basic functionality – a file manager a contact notification manager etc…I don’t have time to research, ask questions, dig through the Playstore, forums, test apps, worry about their integrity – read reviews…

Those who use BlackBerry 10 do not use it for fear of Android.  We use it because it has clear advantages for some use cases.

It is an efficient communication tool that lends itself to one hand navigability with gestures. As a prosumer dealing with multiple clients simultaneously, I can have multiple substantiations of apps like BBM to match. I can have BBM open with three different contacts simultaneously to keep up and make it transparent to them, as if each one were my only and most important client, at the same time keeping up with groups and friends.

One contact in a BBM instantiation in the hub, one in blend, one in the app…copy paste between them and cross reference without losing my place. One instantiation can be a bookmark if I get distracted with another client.

I don’t need an app for basic functionality, and I don’t need to research and review and dig through the Playstore for the best one or the safest one etc. It just works out of the box. I have precision control over notifications, by contact . Without an ‘app for that’. VERY important to me to prioritize notifications by contact. Some people are just more important than others and I can’t be distracted by trying prioritizing on the fly.

BlackBerry 10 is a smaller target for malware and therefore safer. I don’t need Dtek.

I am Google free.

I don’t have to worry about Google digging and mining. Photos, confidential competition sensitive data I know is safe and not on the cloud somewhere.

With Blend my work is never interrupted. All of my data and contacts etc is always on my phone, secure and safe no matter what computer I am using and I use up to ten different machines in a day, as I work at several locations. My data is never on the PC, so I am device independent. I can begin an email on my PC, get an emergency call and have to run , grab the phone and go, finishing the email on the move. All transparent to my clients and completely free of the company’s IT department.

Bottom line, I would be handicapped in my workflow without BB 10. Why should I go Android? I am still the “tool not a toy” user.

Android is great for some, but there is absolutely no substitute for BlackBerry 10 for others without a significant reduction in productivity. Thankfully as always, BlackBerry offers a choice.

Until death do us part, or as a  minimum until BlackDroid offers Blend, #ICHOOSEBB10



I am a long time BlackBerry user and fan. Beginning with the 7520, I have recognized the value of subtle productivity enhancements in BlackBerry devices for business communication and have never since strayed. Even when the iPhone took the market by storm, I was unimpressed, because it did nothing to help my business needs. Currently enjoying my one handed dream phone, the Classic! BB10 with a toolbelt! Today I contribute to UTB whenever I feel that I can help enlighten someone on the benefits of using BlackBerry over any other platform.

  • MePiikan LzBolaz

    Blend and BB10 notifications are a must. Until then PassportSQW100-4/

    • ATI nsider

      Tell that to BlackBerry. Because BLEND hasn’t been updated in a long time. And BLEND is a GEM, probably 2nd to the HUB.

      • I love Blend. I use it every night as I’m working on the site. Unfortunately, it has been officially EOL’ed. Thankfully, it still works. I don’t know what I’d do if it stopped working. I really hope they revisit Blend in the future.

        • Prem_Watsapp

          Amen, BBrother… let’s pray! ;-)

      • Prem_Watsapp

        2nd to HUB?

        Blend IS the HUB, … for desktop… ;-D

  • Thank you for this, Blackjack. I knew there was something nagging at the back of my mind after I listened to Brad and thought he made some good points. I am not afraid of Android, because BlackBerry has a secure version of it. I would probably get a DTek50 if I really needed to use the popular Android apps and get more regular updates, but my Z30 and Passport are serving my productivity needs quite nicely.

    BlackBerry Android is the best and most secure release of that OS with its own advantages over BB10; conversely, BB10 has some advantages of its own. I especially like the fact “Run in background” is a separate permission, meaning an app can’t be accessing data or hardware without my knowledge which sort of mitigates not having DTek’s access count information.

    • Hey membership, the thing is both of BlackBerry’s platforms have things they do better, and worse than the other. The point of my video was to show how one of those things I saw people were saying was worse on BlackBerry Android is actually better. In no way was I commenting on the entire OS.

      That’s a great point about the ‘run in background” permission. Although I guess that would defeat BB10’s unparalleled multi-tasking ability. *pensive* well, after seeing what we’ve discovered with DTEK, I think I’d be more apt to turn that permission off for any app I didn’t really trust.

  • There are numerous things I agree with in this post. A few I’d argue about. My point is for that subset of BB10 users that wish to try BlackBerry Android, they shouldn’t let other’s scare them off of doing so with misinformation. The problem is much of this misinformation about BlackBerry Android is coming from within out own community.

    • ATI nsider

      Out of all the Android implemented OS’s out to date, the BlackBerry version is one of the better ones. Sure its not BB10, but it at least gives you some familiar features of BB10. I’ve played with the PRIV for hours upon hours. My daily driver is the Z30 (Personal) and Galaxy S5 (Work). It’s painful using the Galaxy, especially for email and Typing. Though its Texting platform is alright. .

  • Martin

    “I don’t want to be the slave of my phone – I want it to be my slave. I don’t want to mess with apps for anything and everything. I want it to just work out of the box”

    This, so very much this…

  • bambinoitaliano

    I find it interesting the editor choses to reply twice to an opinion piece about BlackBerry 10 on a, I assumed still a site predominantly about BlackBerry devices and related news. Black Jack is making a point about his love and reasons for BlackBerry 10 devices. And for those of you who might not aware, BlackBerry 10 did not cease to exist because the company has gone the android route. And those of us who are still using BlackBerry 10 and loving it did not disappear in a rapture in one chosen night. For the record, I just bought my third BlackBerry Passort, the SE version a few weeks ago. Like Black Jack, I did not do it out of loyalty but just the simple love of a well build, durable, communication device. I don’t hate Iphone. I don’t hate android. I just love BlackBerry 10 and enjoy the heck out of it. I respect those who choses whatever platform or brand they prefer. It’s their money, it’s their preference and it’s their decision. I’m not some Amway sales person knocking at someone door trying to recruit new BlackBerry 10 users. That’s TCL’s job now. So why is the editor of the site chose to be so defensive about an opinion piece? Is Black Jack the next messiah that could lead the crowd into the wrong path? You do not need to throw the baby out with the bath water. It’s nice to have an opinion piece that still confirm that there are those out there that still love the BlackBerry 10 for the device that it is. I do wish TCL sells tons of BlackBerry Keyone. I like to see in the future where BlackBerry as a communication technology research and development company will take another stab at innovating along the path of a BlackBerry 10 OS. There is no fear in loving your BlackBerry 10. It’s not a cult. Just an effective tool for those of us who appreciate a company who gets it.

    • Sorry Bambino, I wasn’t aware I wasn’t allowed to comment on the site. BTW, I didn’t edit this post. :P

  • Bastakiatavich

    I have a work bought Priv, because they needed an Android phones for software testing so I volunteered for this. That said, it sits on my desk and is rarely used for anything aside from said testing. I tried to use it, but it cannot keep up with the emails I receive and send daily (2000+ inbox daily). Passport just does. Happy with BB10 and will stay as long as I can.

    Priv is fun to play with and others were interested in it when I first got it, one Android user switched so that is good. Will definitely look at the KEYone (blah @ that name) and see how it feels. Maybe work phone will be getting upgrade :)

  • BlueTroll

    Blackjack, thank you for verbalizing how I feel. While I don’t use Blend that much (my work computer is not compatible be HO still uses IPv4 for our internal network), I agree with many of the points you made. For the record, I am happy that BlackBerry has made Android secure. But for my use, I NEED BB10. Because I am connected to an enterprise server and because I make my phone 80% business use and because I work in a regulated environment, BB10 is the logical choice. Personally I can’t see how colleagues of mine who use iOS and Android get work done. Because I have been test driving our Priv as a connected device to the enterprise server this week, I have been able to make the comparisons. And overall, the Priv, while a great consumer device, lacks when it comes to business use. Or should I say, Blackdroid lacks compared to BB10. I could go on, but I will leave it there. Good for people who feel Blackdroid works for them and good for people who feel BB10 is the way to go. I am in the latter group.

  • Steve

    Yeah. I’d hate to see what a long drawn out note from you is like Blackjack.

    Bambino, I think you made Brad’s point for him. It’s an editorial and I have yet to read an editorial that aims to have 100% of the readership saying yes and amen. Brad is writing as someone engaging in the topic, not as Editor and Chief Bottle Washer of UTB.

    I agree with you by the way Blackjack, I’m just in a place where I need the apps and whistles to be more effective in a work environment which is forcing me to need them.

  • ATI nsider

    BlackBerry 10 is a far more superior mobile OS over Android and iOS. Of course, apps play a key role in making a platform popular. That’s where it failed unfortunately, but nevertheless, BB10 will remain as the best mobile OS ever released. Android nor iOS can ever get updated to the point where it topples BB10. That simply isn’t possible, because they are both old and outdated. They’ve both lost the ability upgrade.

    That said, I know a few people that replaced there iPhone 5’s and went with the Leap (At the time Z30’s were no longer available). Apps aside, they were all BLOWN AWAY by how intuitive, productive, intelligent, etc., BB10 is and why they haven’t really heard much about it? They hope, as with myself, BB10 stays relevant for as long as possible. Because they simply cannot go back to Apple. And they dislike Android.

    My understanding with regards to how BlackBerry 10 is being dealt with. (FYI – I lost all confidence with BBRY as a company & BBRY’s CEO, due to mitigating factors that could have been EASILY Rectified, but they chose to do Jack Nothing) Keeping BB10 alive, with minimal development resources allocated to it, so they meet Security needs and minor enhancements. Doing this to hopefully & eventually replace Android.

    You see, I can’t see Android & iOS lasting for ever, that just doesn’t happen IMO, especially with a mobile OS. The natural upgrade path for this mobile industry is not another updated Android OS that offers the “Same Old” but something radical and unique. That’s where BB10 comes to play. But I don’t see BlackBerry as a company taking the lead on such a thing. And therefore, they might end up selling BB10 to another company, so they can push it forward the way it was meant to be pushed.


    • Fazal

      I declare I don’t know too much about kernels and cores. Having said can you tell me why android or iOS is considered inferior? I agree they’re not real time embedded stuff like OS10 but they do everything except natively playing a browser video after being minimised. Does this alone make them unworthy? If so why haven’t they crashed and burned over 10 years (correct me if it would take say 20 years) as you seem to think so…. On the contrary iOS runs perfectly smooth with 1 gb of ram versus a bb10 that requires 2 and above to be stable and not to mention how it slows down considerably over time with high memory usage issues with the solution being an auto loader alone and not a hard/soft boot. Heck Nuclear plants, Nasa, large hadron collider may have better use for bb10 due to its real time nature but still doesn’t make iOS or Android dinosaur age….

      • Prem_Watsapp

        It’s not kernels, cores, or RAM. It’s basic usability features, that make it superior.

        All without apps. Add the apps, it’s the best thing I’ve ever held in my hands. My iDevices are so clunky. Tap, tap, home, tap, double-home, tap, tap…


  • aiharkness

    +1 on the sentiment.

    About the fearful part, I’m not going to use Android period. Call BlackBerry’s flavor BlackDroid, say it is a different OS, none of that will sway me, not even BlackBerry’s brand. I am making an informed decision to avoid Android and Google where at all possible. Fear has nothing to do with it. I will say it is being smart, and obviously many will disagree; but still it is a rational decision on my part and not fear.

    My wife and I will use our BB10 devices until it is no longer practicable . If by some miracle there is new BB10 hardware we will buy. But my best future plan right now is a dumb cell phone, a small laptop, and some mobile wireless solution for the laptop such as perhaps a mobile WiFi Hotspot. Or, if a suitable smartphone solution comes on the market I may go that route.

    No firm ideas right now. I figure another 2-5 years before I’m forced.

  • Utb have good writers. Once again I read an article that reminds me how good it’s BB10. It makes me think to power up my old Z10.

  • FS

    That’s the same case for me. BlackBerry 10 works great for me, and I love the usability and performance of BlackBerry 10. And no doubt, it’s the most secure Smartphone OS, which is available!

  • Trac Mila

    Good one BlackJack. Spot on.

  • anthogag

    The immediacy of the keyboard and BB10’s multi-tasking home screen stomps on toy phones like Android and iOS.

    Sure, you can shoot 1,000 pictures in 1 minute with the new LG but good luck trying to find a specific picture a few weeks or months later.

    The Passport is gone from The only BB10 device left is the Leap. When the leap is gone it will be a tragic. Only Android shit from shopblackberry. I need a drink.

    • There is no “Android shit” at Shop BlackBerry. Only awesome BlackBerry phones there.

      • anthogag

        Blackdroid shit

        • Wayno

          Hi Anthogag. No such thing as BlackDroid shit. It’s just different, an alternative. BB10 is an awesome OS, the best there is. However, it is lacking app support. People stopped buying for this reason. BlackBerry had to do something to give app lovers what they wanted, apps. To do that they had to go Android.
          In doing this they have done what no one else has done, they SECURED Android. Along the way they have brought great additions to Android like the hub, DTEK and other great BlackBerry apps and features. They have bought a lot of BB10 features across and it is pretty close to BB10 in many respects. They have achieved this in a very short period and are still constantly developing their Android experience.
          What they have actually achieved is a fantastic Android experience. People just need to take a look before shooting it down. I get that people still love BB10 and don’t like Android. I am one of those. Passport is primary and Priv is to get to know BlackBerry Android. It has come a long, long way in such a short time.
          We are fortunate enough to have a choice. BB10 and BlackBerry Android. People will always have this choice and will go what works for them.there are alternatives out there for those that don’t like or trust Google apps. A few of us here at UTB have written numerous articles with alternative options if you don’t want Google all over your info. I’m one of those people.
          I am finding that BlackDroid OS I pretty damn close to allowing me to fully transition to a BlackBerry Android device. I will still love BB10 and hope that one day another BB10 device is released.
          The point of these two articles are to highlight not so much “fear” but doubts about switching across or at least having a look at Blackdroid.
          We at UTB still love BB10. We are probably the only site still promoting and defending BB10. BUT, we support and promote ALL things BlackBerry and will continue to do so. We are trying to advise our readers of all the options out there and to educate people that have doubts or concerns about any BlackBerry products, whether that is BB10 or Android. Remember guys, we are fortunate to have a choice. A choice of whatever works best for us!!!
          No other mobile company gives you what BlackBerry does.

          • MePiikan LzBolaz

            Android notifications are shit. BB10 best all around.

            • How so? What are you trying to do that you can’t do?

              • anthogag

                I can do everything I need with BB10. I don’t have to transition to Android just because…

                • I’m glad you can. Lot’s of people can. So the people that can’t, their use cases don’t matter? They’re supporting BlackBerry in someway less than you are because they’re purchasing new BlackBerry devices? They somehow deserve to be called Google drones when they are using BlackBerry?

                  Enough name calling and trolling of BlackBerry’s users and new products Anthony. There is enough love for BlackBerry to go around for ALL their services and products.

                  • anthogag

                    BlackBerry tweeks Android for Blackdroids. It’s not like it’s their OS. You’re using Android. You have been assimilated.

                    • Further proof that you have no clue what BlackBerry has done with Android. It’s not a tweek, they utilized a secure kernal and built on top of that. Once again, spreading misinformation to bash BlackBerry’s offerings.

                    • anthogag

                      Google will not let BlackBerry (or anyone else) do significant changes to Android. Android has a monolithic kernel and BlackBerry tweaked it to secure it. That’s great. If I used Android I would only use a BlackDroid but I’m good with BB10.

                    • Right, BlackBerry securing Android is not significant. Sure thing Anthony. I’m glad you’re good with BB10. In fact, I’m ecstatic you are. And no one is trying to change your mind, even though you seem to think they are and choose to attack people that enjoy BlackBerry Android. That’s pointless and does no one any good. You’re making it feel quite orange here.

                    • anthogag

                      Who am I attacking? I can say Android is shit if I want to. Is it my fault if some delicate flowers can’t take it.

                    • You’re name calling. You’ve been name calling for some time. We’ve let it go because we like you and Robert thinks you’re funny. But we will not allow trolling of other users. Especially at a time when the BlackBerry community is about to grow. I’m asking you to stop now please.

                    • anthogag

                      Give me an example of this “name calling”.

                    • Calling anyone that uses BlackBerry Android “Google Drones”

                      We try not to dissuade people from buying BlackBerry here. No matter what platform they choose.

                    • anthogag

                      Okay. Because you guys and gal run this site for BlackBerry users I’ll stop with the “Google Drones” comment.

                    • Thank you Anthony. :) *dude hugs*

          • anthogag

            Great, you’re transitioning into a Google drone. That’s your choice.

            I have Google Play on my Passport. I don’t lack apps and I could care less for social media apps. Web access is good enough.

            • You put Google Play on your Passport and you call me a Google Drone? lol!!!

              Too rich!

              Google Play never touched any of my BB10 devices.

              • anthogag

                I have the BB10 app. I down load some Android apps because BB10 has an Android player, right. I don’t use any Google services.

                • Oh, I thought you meant you sideloaded the Google Play Store on to BB10. My bad.

                  Well my friend, you should watch my video, because on BB10, you have no idea just how often those Android apps are utilizing the permissions you have given them on BB10.. Kind of the whole point of my video, which was pointing out to a single area that BlackBerry has improved on BlackBerry Android. It’s not a battle of OS’s regardless of how you chose to take it, it’s correcting misinformation that is being spread in the comments of UTB.

                  • Wayno

                    This^^. Take our post on SoundHound for example. I’ve been using that as a NATIVE BB10 app on my Passport for years not actually knowing what it was accessing and how many times it was accessing my info. Yet on Priv through the DTEK app, it was highlighted exactly what and when it was accessing. This gave me the information to decide what to do. It was immediately deleted on Priv and Passport

                    • anthogag

                      Maybe the Android Sound Hound app is built for Android users. They know typical Android users don’t care about privacy. They want free apps in exchange for data mining and advertising revenue.

                    • Wayno

                      No. It wasn’t an android version I was using on the Passport, it was NATIVE BB10 app. The permissions are the same. Acres to microphone etc. Android version was detected my DTEK app as accessing my microphone and other features numerous times even prior to the app being opened. I.e. Immediately after download. No doubt it was doing the same on BB10 but without DTEK app on BB10 no one was aware of it.
                      Just because you are using BB10 doesn’t automatically mean apps aren’t accessing your info when they shouldn’t be. DTEK alone is giving you the information on what apps are doing and how often.

                    • anthogag

                      In BB10’s “Device Monitor” I can see which BB10 apps are running in memory. When I close SoundHound the app is removed from memory.

                      Otherwise, when I’m using it the app needs the microphone to hear music.

                    • Wayno

                      It doesn’t mean it’s not accessing your info periodically though. I understand it needs access to microphone to hear music but it should only access it when you ask it to. Not when you have just downloaded it and haven’t even started the app.

                    • anthogag

                      No, I think, in BB10, when it’s not “in memory” the app is closed and can’t access anything “periodically”. DTEK is only on Android. If BB10 had DTEK it would probably show the app is closed and not access anything.

                    • Wayno

                      I think DTEK app on BB10 would be a great idea. After all most people are running some Android apps on a BB10 device, even Android ported apps, right? But if it could advise what apps are accessing, be it native BB10 apps or Android, this would be a fantastic addition to BB10

              • Wayno

                Actually, I think I was being called a Google drone, lol

                • anthogag

                  You and Brad are both Google drones.

              • Prem_Watsapp

                Same here. No GP on BB10. Nor Snap.

                Only verified direct APK installs, and less than a handful of apps (invoicing).


            • Wayno

              That’s not entirely true. What I’m doing on my Priv is exactly the same as you using the Google Play Store on your Passport. For the odd app that isn’t available for BB10. I am not using Google apps other than the Play store. There is no difference really.
              What does puzzle me is when people bag Google, yet load up the Play store on their BB10. It’s no different to using the Play store on a BlackDroid device. I don’t use social media apps other than Twitter and BBM. Both of which are available for both operating systems.
              And I’m not transitioning yet. There are things I do that I prefer doing on my Passport. I’m finding it very difficult to make that switch. I’m supporting BB10 and BlackBerry Android here. Both have their good points and bad points. Quite Franky, I like both OS’es.

              • anthogag

                No, I’m using “BB10”, BlackBerry’s OS, and I installed some Android apps. Your PRIV uses Android OS, it’s not BlackBerry’s OS. There is a huge difference.

                • Wayno

                  Not really. BlackBerry Android is almost secure as BB10. It comes down to what you are actually doing on your device. Running identical apps on either OS is still going to result in the same consequences. Using the browser with Google search on BB10 is still going to result in ads being shoved in your face just as it would on Android or even iOS.
                  Depending on what you do, BlackBerry Android is just as secure as BB10.

                  • It’s been said that BlackBerry Android is now as secure as BB10.3.2, and is expected to be as secure as 10.3.3 next year. So there’s that.

                    • anthogag

                      Good, BlackDroid is secure. I like BB10’s multi-tasking home screen. I prefer the swipe gestures.

                    • Wayno

                      So do I. This is why we have always said that there are good and bad to both. Improvements can be made to both. But we need to support what BlackBerry are doing with both BB10 and Android.

                    • Prem_Watsapp

                      Agreed. And thanks for the lively, civil discussion here, guys… :-D

                  • anthogag

                    More variety in the smartphone landscape is better. Google is another Microsoft. I support BB10.

                    • So do we. We support all BlackBerry’s products. And we won’t allow any of their products or those products users to be trolled here.

                  • Roy RanaDeep

                    Don’t forget Android is Google product. BlackBerry does not have any right to change it. They can customize it in their way. But root of this OS remain same what Google did. And one more thing BlackBerry android not as safe as BB10. BB10 is a QNX based. Android is open source platform.

    • MePiikan LzBolaz

      Question. Let’s say BB10 went EOL tomorrow and your BlackBerry stopped working…would you pick up an Android or iPhone?

      Personally I have 4 passports. PassportSQW100-4/ all the way.

      • anthogag

        No, I won’t use Android or iPhone.

        I have a Q10, Classic, and Z30 as back-up if my Passport stops working. I should be good for 10 years.

  • Miguel

    I’m a new bb10 user since four months ago so nobody can say i’m a BlackBerry freak, I come from android and the difference is huge and now Love BlackBerry.
    Is sad to see how the company seems that is no longer supporting us, that’s why I appreciate your support and efforts to keep helping new users like me and keeping this blog alive.

    You describe my experiences and what I expected my phone to do.

    Thank you Blackjack for your posts.

  • Jeff Ferguson

    I’m fine with my SE for now. When / if it ever starts causing me issues I’d choose the Keyone over anything else at the moment. I don’t use it for games, nor work so maybe I’m an exception to most. We’ll see how things pan out not too concerned either way.

  • leverspro

    Wow, and double wow! It’s true. Just checked shop BlackBerry Canada. No passport for sale.

    • They sold out quickly during the last sale.

  • FS

    BlackBerry 10 forever!

  • Prem_Watsapp

    Nothing more to add. Until Google pays for my lunches, I won’t tie myself to them too closely… :-D

  • Roy RanaDeep

    Yessss. So true. BlackBerry 10 becomes priority of my life. It’s a tool. I am a heavy user of Blend. Being a designer I have to keep in touch with my prospects every time. Every day I typed above dozen of emails on my Passport. Even I don’t trust my pc. My all online fund transfer and others bill related stuff I do on Passport. It’s makes me feel safe. Thanks BlackBerry. I hope BlackBerry remain their support for BlackBerry 10 users.