BlackBerry 10. The Reality When it Comes to IOS.

We see almost daily the opinions of others about why iOS is preferred over BlackBerry 10. The reality is that few of these people seem to have ever used a BlackBerry, so how would they know?

rcWe also see what people want in iOS 9, would you be surprised to know that BlackBerry 10  has already answered these desires? Things like opening up NFC to make it functional, improving the battery. What most of the people don’t realize is that iOS needs a total overhaul of the os. You can’t build a skyscraper on the foundation for a bungalow. So what does Apple do? It’s expected that there will be the ability to toggle more things on and off, that will be the answer to the battery issue… I know, what if you need these things… if that’s your answer, most flip phones have got incredible battery life.

The reality here is that Apple doesn’t care about these things. They rely on you being stuck in their eco system – this was very thought out, like an abusive spouse, isolation is key to their existence.

BlackBerry on the other hand is relying on being compatible and playing nice with everyone; the pie is big enough, let’s not get greedy.

Another reality we see: people rarely talk about the next BlackBerry update (other than those of us that are into the mechanics of things). BlackBerry does its job, no need for the average person to be craving an update to fix something. This is what iOS is about, fixing things the last update did not catch or installing something they found on another platform, something they will now “innovate” and hope to patent. NFC comes to mind, or maybe swiping. Maybe they will innovate a file manager next.

The reality remains BlackBerry has it already. Apple will not “discover” it until figures out how to rob the user blind by incorporating it.











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