BlackBerry 10 is WORLDS BEST MOBILE OS: Review


World's Best Mobile OS
World’s Best Mobile OS


India’s widest-circulation technology publication Digit recently concluded that BlackBerry 10 (specifically, 10.2.1 was the version tested) is the best mobile operating system in the world.

And this was not just some random blogger posting a personal opinion, they claimed to have spent 400 man-hours extensively testing the latest release versions of BlackBerry 10, iOS, Android and Windows Phone in a variety of categories and published this as their August 2014 cover story.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, also-rans!


From the BlackBerry Press Release:

 Digit staff conducted a performance test of the BlackBerry 10.2 OS, Android 4.4, iOS 7.1.2 and Windows Phone 8.1 operating systems. The BlackBerry 10.2 OS won the overall test with a rating of 56.91 – the highest amongst all of the latest major operating systems that are available in the market today. The BlackBerry 10.2 OS was also judged to be the best OS for email, contact management, calling, photography, search and video.

“This was by far the most comprehensive test we have ever done, as the Digit Test Centre spent over 400 man-hours, meticulously checking over a thousand individual parameters for each OS, in order to arrive at a true and unbiased answer to the question, ‘What’s the World’s best mobile OS out of the box?’ By winning five of the ten aspects we tested for, BlackBerry OS 10.2 is a deserved winner of the title,” said Robert Sovereign-Smith, Executive Editor, Digit.

The month-long comparison test was based on various OS capabilities including browsing, e-mail, messaging, settings and customization, managing contacts and calling, photography, notifications, lock screen capability, search and video capture.*

“We are extremely excited with the results of the test, as it is a testament to our commitment to provide the best experience to our consumers, without compromise,” said Sunil Lalvani, Managing Director, BlackBerry India. BlackBerry 10.2 OS is built on a solid foundation, providing consumers with a host of innovative features like the powerful BlackBerry Hub, to help them be as productive as possible at work and on-the-go.”




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  • Omnitech

    Wow, I just looked at the huge spreadsheet they did to make the OS comparisons.. locco_smiley_1 :o WOW..

    • Canuckvoip

      That’s one helluva spreadsheet!

  • Poita316

    And for all you BlackBerry bashers saying that it doesnt mean a thing. Keep in mind that India is the second largest country in the world. Almost 4 times as many people as the US. So yeah it does mean something. Imagine those people, low income mostly, getting the best OS… And its not the first nor will it be the last time BlackBerry’s OS will be getting well deserved credit.

  • Omnitech

    Also – this is not some one-writer, here-today, gone-tomorrow internet-only tech publication. They actually print real magazines. In fact, you can’t even read the full report without buying the print edition of their magazine. :)

  • jrohland

    Not very clear to me what they found wrong with the browser. The performance is excellent and the so called missing features are things I’ve never noticed aren’t there as I don’t need them. I guess syncing to the cloud would be nice if I can do so securely.

  • Omnitech

    @jrohland: They have an interesting feature on one of their pages where you can adjust the weighting of the different components more to your liking and then see which OS better matches your preferences: ;)

  • ital1

    I suspect when they get their hands on a device running 10.3 BlackBerry will win again.

  • Azensun

    BlackBerry FTW…..AGAIN!

  • Blackjack

    No way,, it doesn’t even have a homo button!

    Oops, damn autocorrect.

  • jrohland

    I sent the article to my engineers. They all have assdroid and igroan. It would be very embarrassing to have a WP8.

  • ATInsider

    This is quite evident, BB10 is far superior to any other mobile OS in existence. The results were known before the test took place. BB10.3 will only add to its superiority.