Blackberry 10 – Gestures

It's Really Not That Hard!
It’s Really Not That Hard!

Let’s talk a little bit about the gesture based functions within the BB10 devices and not forgetting the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet, it surely is one of my personal favourite aspects of the BB10 range of BlackBerry devices

Rather than the need for physical buttons to navigate the device the simple glide of a finger is all that’s required, as effortless as that.

Now for the majority of super users who’s preferred device is a BB10, it is just a day to activity for us.

But I watch my kids who effortlessly can navigate through the phones and tablets opening and closing apps and games, dropping down the app to spin up the browser and then just flicking back and forth.

The look on their faces when someone passes them an android or IOS device and they have to hit a physical back button or can’t minimise an app to the screen is priceless, they may as well be asking them to use use a old Nokia brick.

We often see the technical reviews on the Web stating that the gestures present a learning curve for new users with these devices, I really don’t understand these statements as it really is child’s play to grasp but others a true mobile computing experience as your delve, but let’s not forget that this system is extremely smooth and does what what BlackBerry does best and keeps you moving.