BlackBerry OS Update Begins To Appear


As reported on Inside BlackBerry blogs, BlackBerry has begun pushing out a new BlackBerry OS update.

The improvements include:

  • Calendar update
  • Removal of BBM Meetings app
  • Patches to the Android Player

For those of you with BlackBerry 10 devices, a notification may have already been received in your HUB.  If not, you can also manually check for Software Updates by doing the following:

  • Swipe Down from the Top of Your Screen
  • Select “Settings”
  • Select “Software Updates”
  • Select “Check for Updates

If you have received the notification, let us know in the comments below

Source: Inside BlackBerry Blogs


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  • ChuckRoc

    I got this weeks ago.

  • Berry_Goooood

    Buh Buh Buh according to the jackoffs that like to troll BlackBerry, BB10 is in maintenance mode and is dead. SMFH

  • Wayno

    Android runtime needs work, android apps don’t delete. And BBM meetings not removed fully, it crashes. Had to delete via BBW and have it reinstalled now

  • DonMariano

    That’s true Wayno, Android runtime is a mess. I was having issues with poor battery life and slightly choppy performance on my Z30 after I downloaded Google Play Store and a couple apps from it, I tried repeatedly to delete them but it didn’t work so I resorted to doing a security wipe which did the trick. Now my Z30s performance has been restored and battery drain is no longer an issue. I now only have four Android apps from Amazon, I don’t trust Google Play Store.

  • Alpha Omega

    Wayno, I had the same issue with the update last week. I ended doing a security wipe and did a clean install. everything seems to be O.K. now

  • Wayno

    Guys, no need to do a security wipe, you can find the fix here:
    OS Android app delete fix
    Or download DL’s complete Blitz package with the tw Android files already added here:!BlUhlZ7Y!KeWYOF5POJOoX4_K8BSUEXOIN3QMHK_YAI4Scj1_2RE

  • Anthony

    I’m still waiting for the upgrade. locco_smiley_31