Black Mirror Returns, and Here’s a Trailer

The key to good parenting is control.

If you haven’t watched Black Mirror, you have some catching up to do. The British born anthology series previously found a new home for original episodes on Netflix, and now, a fourth season approaches.

Black Mirror is a sort of Twilight Zone for the modern age, with a bit of a disclaimer. Twilight Zone was amazing, and I’d argue every episode is a classic (the original series of course). I can’t say the same for Black Mirror. Honestly, there are a couple episodes of Black Mirror that are forgettable (and that’s being nice), however, there is some amazing stories being told in this series.

Each story has a strong future tech component, and each story is a tale of the dark side (not to be confused with Tales from the Darkside, another near classic series). From VR, to android, to a world powered by stationary bikes, these stories will have you thinking twice about what you’re hoping to see in the future of tech.

Netflix has released the first trailer for the new series, titled Arkangel. The trailer shows a new form of parenting, and a child entirely too calm over reiving an all to frightening shot. We still don’t know when we will be able to watch the new season of Black Mirror, but it isn’t soon enough.


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