Black Edition KEYone Now Available from Staples Canada

Staples in Canada brings an unlocked Black KEYone. But which one?

BlackBerry Mobile has taken to Twitter to announce that the BlackBerry KEYone Black Edition is available unlocked at Staples Canada. Great news! But then things get a little confusing.

Let’s see, first we had the amazing KEYone released in it’s original silver format. Then we saw the Black Edition that was showing off some teamwork between Optiemus and TCL which came with 4GB RAM and room for two SIM cards. Of course, seeing the device in all black, we all hoped we would see it released in more locations. And then it was. But slightly differently.

The new Black Edition that came to the larger market came with 4GB RAM and one SIM card slot. Then there was a version for American carrier AT&T which brought us the original specs of the KEYone with an all black look. This edition was dubbed the Space Black edition, which was a nice way to differentiate between the other Black Edition. This week, Canadian carrier TELUS also offered the Space Black Edition, again with the original specs in black. Great job.

Now, Canada Staples is offering a “BlackBerry KEYOne Unlocked Smartphone, Special Edition, Black”. BlackBerry Mobile tweeted it as the Black Edition. But upon looking at the Staples product page, you quickly discover the 3GB RAM.

I’m confused.

In any event, it’s an amazing phone. And the blacked out body of the phone looks absolutely amazing. Canadians that want the phone, but don’t want to deal with carriers, now have yet another option to pick it up thanks to Staples offering.

You can order from Staples here



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