Bing Brings a Totally Redesigned App, and it’s Surprisingly Good

Let me Bing that for you.

I know there are plenty of readers that don’t want to use Google search. I also know there are far more of you that do. But the question is, do you Bing search? Would you if it was easier? Well there’s newly designed Android app that may just win you over.

I know what you’re thinking. Why do I need an app? I can just use the browser. And you can. But the Bing app is just surprisingly good.

Upon opening the app, you’re presented with a very attractively designed home screen. Right in the top middle of the screen is the expected magnifying glass. From the magnifying glass, you begin your search. Any type of search. You can search by typing in your search like normal, or you can take a photo and search other photos that resemble what you photographed, you can search by voice or you can use the camera to search by barcode.

Below the magnifying glass is “Near Me”. Now this is surprisingly useful. Bing will tell you what’s around you, including restaurants, bars, gas stations, and more, in an extremely easy to use format. Who needs Yelp? There are also buttons for Deals, Restaurants, Movies, Images, Videos, Music, and News. Sliding your screen up gives you your local weather and a newsfeed. Sign in to the account and you’re presented with several settings, including what I’m sure many a BlackBerry user will appreciate, the ability to choose search privately. There is an integrated Reading Mode, and you can even redeem your rewards. Yes, Bing still offers rewards. Search results are presented within a browser within the app that allows for multiple window.

I’ll be honest, I’ve tried to utilize Bing within my browser, but I’ve never really cared for the UI. This app definitely changes that for me. The app is strikingly attractive, and I can certainly see myself using the “Near Me” search quite often. As for my usual quick search? Well, that’s going to involve breaking a habit. Can I make myself get used to opening an app instead of my browser? We’ll just have to see how that goes.

Wish to try out the Bing app for yourself? You can find it in the Google Play Store here.



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